The Texas Rangers aren’t going to lose Game 3.

Not because they’re the better team. Not because their bad luck in Games 1 and 2 needs to even out. Not because they’re going to start hitting again. Not because Colby Lewis is going to pull a postseason rabbit out of his hat.

Some, all, or none of those things may happen. But none of them is why this Rangers team will win Game 3.

No, the Rangers have to win Game 3, because there’s no way the baseball gods would tease us like this, for nothing. For this entire year, with all this build up, with this much hype – all for a three-game sweep devoid of any discernible intrigue?

No way.

This was supposed to be the budding rivalry in the American League. Not just a bat flip, or a punch from the heels of an undersized second base wunderkind. Not just beer falling from the ceiling of Rogers Centre.

It was Jeff Banister smacking his hands together in fervor unlike anything his physical person has ever mustered, urging the crowd and his team on, in the wake of the fight on May 15th.

It was John Gibbons and Jose Bautista chirping postgame about how he felt it was weak of the Rangers to wait until Bautista's final at bat of the series.

That emotion. That passion. That was supposed to be rampant in this series.

So far this series has been listless. Mundane.

I watched both Wildcard games, Tuesday and Wednesday, and was thoroughly entertained. Great theater. Baseball played by four desperate teams, clinging to a chance for the real postseason.

I watched both ALDS games between the Rangers and Blue Jays Thursday and Friday, and at points in both games, I was bored. It’s playoff baseball. Everything is on the line. And the Rangers were so downtrodden, almost from the jump, that it got boring to watch them get their tails kicked in.

No, it can’t end like this. This rivalry – albeit young, and completely devoid of any substantive history – has been too rich in its short time in the sun.

At the very least, if this is sunset, at least Game 3 has to provide some semblance of something.

Make it fun, at least, would ya?