Now that we are about a week away from the draft, we have a general idea of which players will be considered in the 1st round for the Cowboys. Today, we profile a cornerback who checks off many boxes for the Cowboys at pick #28.

Kevin King – Senior – CB – Washington – 6’3” 200 lbs. – Oakland, CA

Career Stats: 164 Tackles, 9.5 Tackles for Loss, 6 Interceptions, and 22 Passes Defended

As the saying goes, you can never have enough cornerbacks. For the Cowboys, this could not be more true. The Cowboys lost their two starting outside cornerbacks from last season when Morris Claiborne signed with the New York Jets and Brandon Carr signed with the Baltimore Ravens. Dallas must now fill that void through the draft.

Orlando Scandrick and Anthony Brown are the Cowboys best two cornerbacks on the roster at the moment. Both are solid but also come under 6' feet tall. In a league that is increasingly getting taller on the outside, the Cowboys could use some length.

With that in mind, Dallas will be eyeing long, athletic outside cornerbacks who can cover the bigger receivers that the other corners on the roster cannot.

Enter Kevin King of Washington. This Odell Beckham type catch will be the moment shown over and over once he is selected. Cowboy fans are craving a cornerback with the ability to make those types of game changing plays on the outside.

On the play above, King turns his head to the QB and locates the ball in the air. Next, he uses his size to box out the receiver from making a play on the ball. Lastly, Kevin King makes a one handed catch for the interception. It's a highlight reel play for the 6’3” DB.

As with any corner worth his salt, Kevin King also has enough speed to turn and run with a receiver down the field on a deep pass. Above, he displays his closing speed to break up a pass in front of him.

As an outside cornerback in the NFL, you have to be physical and up for the challenge. This is an example of King using his physicality and length to disrupt the receiver and quarterback’s timing.

King is able to locate the ball and utilize his long arms to reach around the receiver. The outcome is an incompletion due to his physicality and length.

Although angular, King is a willing tackler. He will stick his nose in run support which isn’t the case for all cornerbacks. Playing safety early in his college career helped his overall willingness and ability as a tackler.

This is my favorite play from King. He reads the screen pass, avoids the blocker, and explodes to the ball carrier. King demonstrates a perfect form tackle behind the line of scrimmage with impressive power.

However, there is a few reasons we are talking about Kevin King at the end of the 1st round, not the beginning.

Although Kevin King has good speed, he doesn’t have great recovery speed. Below is a play where Kevin King misses his jam in press coverage, therefore causing himself to be a step behind the receiver off the snap.

You can see he is close to the receiver but is never able to get in position to make a play on the ball. King’s speed is good for his size but not great for his position.

In addition, King tends to get overly physical and could draw quite a few penalties early in his career. Penalties come with the territory of a big and physical corner, you just don’t want to see them at an alarming rate.

Overall, Kevin King checks all the boxes for what the Cowboys need early in this draft. Not only does he fill a positional need, but drafting him late in the 1st round is great value even in a draft stacked with defensive backs.

It is also important to note that King was one of the 30 pre-draft visits to come work out in Dallas and the Cowboys have a track record of selecting a player they formally brought in for a visit.

There is a very real chance the Cowboys will draft Kevin King in the 1st round, and that should get Cowboy fans excited!

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