Date: May 19th, 2017

Rangers’ Record: 22-20 (7.5 behind the evil Astros in the ALW, tied for the 2nd Wild Card spot with Boston)

Tonight’s Foe: The Motor City Kitties (Detroit Tigers)

Tonight’s Starters: Nick Martinez (4.87 xFIP this season, 1 GS in Detroit) vs. Daniel Norris (4.89 xFIP this season, 1 GS vs Texas in his career, no relation to Bud that we’re aware of)

Hi everybody! Your regular teacher Mr. Weaver is out today. I believe him to be off on some whimsical adventure in a faraway land. Either way, I’m your substitute for the afternoon. I’ve looked at his normal lesson plans…but they’re littered with words I don’t understand along with stories about Eastern European oligarchs so…

We’ll wing it I guess. Starting with the one part of his normal plans I can understand.

Music Recommendation

Today’s offering is from me, and it’s Cameron Matthew Ray! Yay! Cameron is a young man born in Duncanville who went to UTA while playing on the local scene for a few years now. He dropped a new EP “Love and Space” recently on the major streaming services.

I had the chance to interview Cameron before a concert he did at the UTA Planetarium awhile back. His honesty about his creative process, his fight with depression and anxiety, and just his general demeanor make for a portrait of a self-aware artist who invests pieces of himself in the art he creates.

If James Taylor, the recently passed Chris Cornell, and Jack Ingram all mixed together with a touch from the cosmos, you’d get close to the overall sound of “Love and Space.” You’ll be hard pressed to find a four song EP better jam packed with emotion and realism than this one this year. Go listen and enjoy. Right now! Stop reading this and go listen! (But please come back, or listen while you read. I’m a writer, not a cop).

You can find this wonderful piece of music on

Spotify (

iTunes (

SoundCloud (

Support Cameron at his website ( or go talk music and/or wrestling with him on Twitter (@CameronMRay) . Let’s get that follower count to four digits.

(This happens every Daily, where Levi gives you something super awesome to listen to. I’m just filling in for the day. If you want to give him something cool to listen to, while getting mentioned in the daily his email is or tweet him @ThreeTwoEephus. You can send music to me I reckon, but it won’t be in the Daily most likely. We can just talk about it and become friends and share the human experience. Groovy!)

Tonight’s game:

Winners of nine straight, the Rangers try to do their best Tye Dillinger impersonation and make the streak a perfect 10. To do so, they’ll need to succeed against lefty Daniel Norris. Norris (who be featured more prominently in today’s “Links! Links! Links!”) has only faced the Rangers once in his career, on September 29th, 2015.

In that one at Globe Life Park Norris faced 13 batters, giving up six runs but only two of them earned after the defense behind Norris committed a pair of errors in the first. Norris got five outs on 71 pitches before heading to the showers, giving way to Buck Farmer.

He’d go on to accrue a 7.36 ERA in 40.1 innings with Detroit in 2015. If you’re curious, Farmer has spent most of his time in 2017 and his career with Triple A Toledo.

Meanwhile, Texas will rely on Nick Martinez to keep the Rangers on a good track following nine straight victories. Martinez has faced the Tigers three times in his career, including pitching in relief one day before Norris’ only start against Texas. Like his counterpart Martinez has but one start against Detroit, on May 24th, 2014.

What a start it was, as Nick Mart pitched six innings of one run baseball striking out two while the bats had a field day with future Cy Young winner Rick Porcello. Future Ranger Corey Knebel pitched for the Tigers, while forgotten Ranger Aaron Poreda pitched the final inning for Texas that day.

Poreda would pitch a dozen more times for Texas, accruing a 5.91 ERA before being sent to Round Rock. His last known stop in professional baseball was pitching for the Yomiuri Giants of the NPB in 2016.

Links! Links! Links!

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take these! These being links from various places on the Interwebs to help you get ready for today’s showdown between Rangers and Tigers.

-Yesterday’s game was a good one for Martin Perez, and Adam Grosbard at the DMN dug a little more into that in a nice writeup.

-Over at the FWS-T, Gil Leberton talked about how the Rangers are in attack mode while featuring some quotes from the likes of Jonathan Lucroy and Nomar Mazara.

-Speaking of Jonathan Lucroy, he was one of four players from the two teams in this series featured on a list from MLB Trade Rumors about important free agents this upcoming winter. If you read close, you might see a cameo from someone you know.

-Texas likely won’t see Miguel Cabrera this weekend, but they’re guaranteed to miss Victor Martinez this series. Why? Anthony Fenech of the Detroit Free Press tells you. This also features the second Buck Farmer reference you’ll get in today’s Daily. So how can you not read it?

-As promised, here are two things about Daniel Norris you’ll want to check out. One from 2015 that talks about his time living in a van via ESPN and one from Jeff Seidel of the Detroit F-P in 2016 about how Norris found out he had cancer via a totally different injury.

Mid Game Youtube Break

I love baseball, but just like every other sport there are times that are…shall we say less important than others. I call those the 4th through 6th innings. Usually during that time I’ll find something to watch that will give me a respite from the game, getting me nice and refocused for the final three innings. Since I can, I’ll share that with you today.

Today’s Mid Game Youtube Break (or MGYTB which doesn’t sound or look as good as I thought) is a TED Talk. I often go to TED Talks for my breaks, because they’re engaging and informative. They’re also usually a good length to refresh your mind.

One of my favorites is this one, from May of last year in Paris. It’s from a woman named Seema Bansa, who helped turn around one of India’s largest school systems. In a nation where education is a hot button issue, Bansal’s 15 minute monologue is wonderful to hear and will make you think.

Final quote

Forever, I’ve had a book called “The Gigantic Book of Baseball Quotations.” As our time draws to a close, I’ll leave you with one from the over 600 pages of famous baseball witticisms.

It’s fitting that today’s quote comes from Tigers broadcasting legend Ernie Harwell. He once said “Baseball is continuity. Pitch to pitch. Inning to inning. Game to game. Series to series. Season to season.”

Something to think about.

Enjoy today’s game!

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