Just appreciate the moment. Don’t let the cloud that’s settling around everything else cast shade. Just appreciate it, because it’s special.

Mr. 3,000

We’re going to take an abbreviated tone today, because of several reasons. One: Major Rangers news is going to break and WFAA and Baseball Texas is going to discuss it and you and us both only have so much bandwidth. Two: How much do these games really matter when compared to the enshrinement of two baseball immortals? Good, I thought you’d be on board.

Andrew Cashner and the Rangers beat the O’s 8-2. Cashner went seven innings, allowing one run (Jonathan Schoop solo homer in the sixth), and was staked to a strong lead thanks to Nomar Mazara (three 2Bs) and Adrian Beltre, whose two hits put him at 2,998 and had us itching for history. On To Saturday.

Unlike Cashner the night before, Austin Bibens-Dirkx wasn’t very good, but Tony Barnette was. Barnette struck out six in three innings but by the time he entered the game the Rangers trailed by the eventual 4-0 final score. Beltre notched one hit setting the stage for Sunday's grand finale, but his counterpart Manny Machado played enough of a role in keeping him at one, and we finished with the Orioles taking the game, and Beltre at 2,999 hits.

Then Sunday. Adrian Beltre’s 3000th career hit was a double down the left field line. There was a banner. His family came out on the field. Adam Jones rubbed his head (and Beltre returned the favor in kind, so to speak). This moment came within minutes of Ivan Rodriguez’s induction to the Hall of Fame. The rest doesn’t matter (the Rangers lost 10-6).

There will be trades. We might be saying goodbye to upwards of 20 per cent of the the 25 man roster by the time we eat dinner. We had a good moment, though, and the hopes of more to come.

Tides will bring me back to you

The Mariners come to Arlington for a three game set. If they don’t bring Beltre something very nice I might be upset enough to write a letter to someone.

One Monday, Cole Hamels will oppose Felix Hernandez. In 2009 this would have been flamesemoji. In 2017, we all have aching backs, and need to be up early to get the kids to school.

Tuesday may be the first Yuesday of the rest of our lives (until, say, Octoberish). Yu Darvish is currently scheduled to start opposite Erasmo Ramirez. If Darvish is a Dodger, Indian, Astro, or Yankee, the Rangers have A.J. Griffin waiting in the wings. We’ll see.

In a repeating theme, Andrew Cashner is scheduled to start Wednesday, opposite lefthander Ariel Miranda. I’ll give this one 1.4 times the likelihood of not forcing the Rangers to find a different starter than the previous game. If they do, it'll probably be Nick Martinez.

We’re gonna make it friends.

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