Sunday was the first time in my entire life I felt like I was watching a good Dallas Cowboys team.

Okay, that’s a little bit of an exaggeration. I was after all ten years old when the Cowboys won their last Super Bowl, so it’s only the first time in 20+ years.

And obviously I don’t mean that 100% - the Cowboys HAVE had some good years. They won 13 games in 2007 and 2016, they won 12 in 2014 and 11 in 2009. But you know what the thing is – they’ve often won games, but they’ve pretty much never made another team look bad.

In the very best Tony Romo years, nobody outscored them. But take that 2014 season. Sure they blew out the Colts, they blew out Washington, they blew out the Saints. But the vast majority of those games were decided by ten points or less. 2007 was worse that way.

2016? I thought 2016 was going to be the first best Cowboys team I’d seen in forever, and obviously in some ways it was, but when Romo went down the offense sputtered for a long while and sputtered again later in the year. No sense denying it just cause Dak Prescott was so good sometimes. And the defense was bad. Ten games decided by a touchdown or less.

And obviously I know what you’re going to say, you’re going to say yeah but like – didn’t the Cowboys only win by 16 points on Sunday? And didn’t they score fairly few themselves in the grand scheme of things? Didn’t they kick four field goals, including two from 40+? I mean yes, of course, yes, why would I have you pretend lie to me about that?

But ask yourself: was there ever a moment where you felt like the New York Giants – a team that beat the Cowboys twice last year and tied for second best record in the NFC – were going to do anything? What did they have, like one good drive? *Checks.* Gosh, actually yeah – wow did you know that the first six Giants drives went a total of 44 yards? And that was their entire first half? Good gravy.

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