He was a huge part of the biggest play in the game.

"Yeah, that was huge," Tyrone Crawford said of the momentum shift after a blocked field goal by the Cowboys in their 33-19 win over Washington on Sunday.

"I mean, [it] definitely wouldn't have been as big if Orlando [Scandrick] didn't take it to where he took it to," Crawford continued. "So, it was a huge momentum shift, and we needed it. And thank God we got it."

"Everyone went crazy," fellow defensive lineman David Irving said. "The offense felt it, special teams felt, and we just kept it rolling throughout the game.

"Special teams is a big part of the game," Scandrick said. The Cowboys corner returned the blocked field goal all the down to the Washington 4 yard line, setting up a touchdown to take the lead for good, 14-13.

"It's the only play where you've got offensive and defensive players out there together. We call it 'we-fense'. This win was huge for us."

But Scandrick's game last night wasn't just that blocked field goal return. The Cowboys defensive back was outstanding, making a huge impact on the Washington offense all night.

"Yeah, he played a really good game. Played a really good game," head coach Jason Garrett said. "Made a lot of tackles, was around the ball a lot. He covered well. Certainly his best game of the year."

Scandrick has had his doubters, coming off a gruesome knee injury in 2015 -- but the swagger never left.

"Y'all can put me in the coffin if you want, but they'll never put the dirt on it," Scandrick quipped after the game.

As for that return not ending in a touchdown for #32... he jokes that it was all part of the plan.

"120-to-70," Scandrick said, as he looked at his phone and ready fantasy football stats. "26.4 [points] from Zeke. And my quarterback ain't played yet. Eat up Zeke!"

Fantasy football rules the day.

Orlando Scandrick making big plays -- that was no fantasy. And it was key to the Cowboys fourth win of the year.