This time last year, Dak Prescott was third on the Cowboys depth chart behind Tony Romo and Kellen Moore. Many considered him to be a project and weren't even sure he would make it in the NFL with the most common comparison for the fourth round draft pick being Tim Tebow.

Funny how things change in such a short amount of time.

Here we are, 23 touchdowns and 3,667 passing yards later, and Prescott is the face of America's team and fresh off a win for Best Breakthrough Athlete at the ESPYs. He exceeded just about every expectation imaginable last season, and led Dallas to an NFC-best 13-3 record despite a second round playoff exit.

Considering Prescott was only supposed to keep the ship afloat until Romo returned from injury, it's pretty remarkable everything he accomplished, which included: breaking Tom Brady's record for most pass attempts to start a career without an interception, leading the Cowboys to a franchise-best 11-game winning streak and these top 5 plays.

No. 5: Fake toss TD

Prescott and the Cowboys may not have beaten the Giants last year, but this beautifully executed play action pass almost makes up for it. With New York keying on the run, Prescott faked the toss to Ezekiel Elliott, rolled to his right and found Terrance Williams wide open for the easiest touchdown of his career.

Expect plenty more of this in 2017.

No. 4: The beginning of an era

Some may not remember the Cowboys almost started last season 0-2. After falling behind to the Washington Redskins, Prescott led a second half comeback and scored the first touchdown of his career when he darted up the middle and into the end zone.

For almost the next three months, Dak and the boys were virtually unstoppable, rattling off 11 straight wins.

No. 3: That's a dime

Our ol' pal Tony Romo said it best. This was indeed a dime.

In one of the most entertaining games of the season, Prescott and the Cowboys eventually prevailed over the Pittsburgh Seelers in what became a shootout of epic proportions.

This 50-yard bomb to Dez Bryant was one of the many punches thrown in this slugfest.

And some people said Dak couldn't throw a deep ball.

No. 2: Down but not out

With the Cowboys staring a 21-3 playoff deficit in the face, Prescott again led the comeback charge. Dallas began scaling the mountain with this 40-yard over-the-shoulder fade to Dez Bryant that gave the Cowboys and AT&T Stadium much-needed life.

Despite Dak arguable out-dueling Aaron Rodgers with a 103.2 QBR, it wasn't enough, as the Packers won on a field goal as time expired thanks to a series of several blunders by the Dallas defense.

Let's not talk about that, though.

No. 1: Dak Romo ... Tony Prescott?

Prescott had one of his worst games of the season against the Eagles, but came through when it mattered the most. He tied the game at the end of regulation and then marched the Cowboys down the field in overtime, capping the drive with something straight from Tony Romo's playbook.

Dak stepped up, avoided the rush, spun out to his left and fired across his body to find a wide open Jason Witten for the game winner.

For many, this signaled the changing of the guard in Dallas.

So how does Prescott follow up his own opening act this season?

Well, it's going to be tough.

The Cowboys' schedule is considerably harder than it was in 2016, and all of their NFC East foes got better in the offseason. It is borderline insane to think Prescott can somehow improve upon his rookie season that included 23 passing touchdowns, only four interceptions and an NFC East crown.

But who knows?

He's done the unthinkable before.

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