Frisco -- The old adage goes it's better to be lucky than good and with the way Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has started his career the Cowboys could become the epitome of it.

The front office staff at The Star readily admits they had no idea what they had in Dak when they drafted him or they wouldn't have waited so long.

Add to that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones not only wanted to trade up late in the first round of last year's draft to grab quarterback Paxton Lynch, afterward, he told media members afterward he feared he had made a mistake.

Now Lynch is on the bench backing up Trevor Siemian and Brock Osweiler with the Broncos, a stark contrast to reigning NFL offensive rookie of the year Prescott, owner of a 14-4 record as a starter in the NFL.

We all know just how well the lack of deal worked out for the Cowboys, but Prescott didn't have much about it.

"I'm in a good spot," he told the media with a grin on his face.

Lynch and Prescott were roommates at the combine, but the much more interesting tidbit in the Prescott-Lynch connection is what happened before Prescott's pre-draft interview with the Broncos.

Prescott says he got caught in traffic and missed a flight.

"The door shut and I had to wait," Prescott said. "I still had the visit, but I'm sure the quarterback not making the flight doesn't go over too well."

"When I got on the flight I knew that was probably over with."

Prescott summed up that ordeal the same way he did the Cowboys passing on Lynch, "everything happens for a reason."

And the Cowboys couldn't be more happy about it.