Much like the Dallas Stars’ team as a whole, defenseman John Klingberg was underachieving in the first half of the 2016-17 season.

After ranking in the top five among NHL defensemen with 58 points in a strong 2015-16 season, Klingberg was on pace for a disappointing 41 points through 36 games this season.

WFAA contributor Josh Lile wrote in February that Klingberg had regressed defensively -- although not as rapidly as most other Stars defenseman -- and even entertained the idea of trading the 24-year-old. As Lile pointed out, it was Klingberg’s offense that was raising red flags.

The second half of the season, however, was a renaissance for Klingberg. He racked up points at a drastically higher rate in the second half, once again ascending to the top-five ranks among the league’s regular defensemen.

In fact, Klingberg was one of just six players on the Stars roster to finish the season with a positive plus-minus total.

His resurgence was too little, too late for a Stars playoff push -- especially after a trade deadline fire sale -- but shows signs of a strong 2017-18 campaign. brings stories and statistics together to make you smarter about the sports and games you love.