Cowboys fans don’t need to worry about Ezekiel Elliott following in Tony Romo’s footsteps and trying to qualify for major golf tournaments any time soon.

Zeke and his Cowboys teammates hit the links Wednesday for the organization’s annual offseason golf tournament.

And his swing is, well...Not as good as his hurdle. Or anything else about his football game, really -- but hey, he’s pretty darned good at football. Don't see tweets below? Go here.

The swing? .......

— Mike Leslie (@MikeLeslieWFAA) May 10, 2017

Now, I’m a VERY amateur golfer whose swing is worse than Zeke’s, so I’m in no position to critique. What I’ll give him is this, though: The form looked consistent on the two swings caught on camera by WFAA’s Mike Leslie, and that’s not nothing.

Zeke’s mom, Dawn Elliott, got a kick out of the critiques coming in from the Twittersphere, too.

“I'm cracking up at all of the critiques,” she tweeted. “He's NEVER played golf... EVER! He just started trying about a month ago.”

A golf clap for Momma Elliott’s sense of humor.

Plus, an unconventional swing can get you far in the game of golf. Just ask Jim Furyk, who has ridden an oddly contorted swing to a quarter-century on the pro tour, including 17 PGA Tour wins a U.S. Open title and the lowest score ever recorded in Tour history: A 58 at the 2016 Travelers Championship.

John Daly, the owner of another of the game’s unique swings, was on hand Wednesday at the Cowboys’ golf tournament. (That right there is what we in the biz call a professional segue)

Daly has a history with the Jones family from when Stephen and Jerry Jones, Jr. were at Arkansas. He even calls Jerry “Dad,” he told reporters.