If you offer free Kanye West concert tickets to an ordinary 23-year-old who has work in the morning, they'd probably take them in a heartbeat. But Cowboys rookie quarterback Dak Prescott is no ordinary 23-year-old.

With Tony Romo injured, Prescott is the starter, and he's not taking this opportunity lightly. He turned down Kanye tickets to stay at home, watch football and get to bed early. Sports Illustrated's Pete Thamel shared the anecdote in his cover story about the young QB.

Prescott did the math aloud: Kanye will go on after 9. The show will last a few hours, which means getting home after midnight. The decision was clear. He ­offered the tickets to his childhood friend, Cobi Griffin, who declined. So Dak kicked back in a recliner, Cobi sprawled on the couch and the two spent the night flipping between a Texans-Patriots game and Clemson-Georgia Tech. "I wanted to go a little bit," Prescott said of the concert. "But I just think about the perception of it all. And I love my sleep."

Kanye's Saint Pablo Tour concert in Dallas was on Sept. 22, which was three days ahead of the Cowboys' game against the Chicago Bears.

In that game, Prescott threw his first career touchdown pass, and Dallas won, 31-17. Maybe Prescott would've been fine if he had went out for one night, but who knows, maybe he needed the rest to perform as well as he did.

He definitely didn't need to watch that Texans-Patriots game, though. The Pats won in a 27-0 blowout.

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