Offensive lineman Joe Looney is the class clown of Cowboys training camp.

Looney showed up to Tuesday’s practice in an Ezekiel Elliott No. 21 jersey, and even wore it half-shirt style like the star running back.

The difference? Looney weighs 315 pounds, so the abs are a tad bit off from Zeke’s. That didn't stop him from running out onto the field to fans chanting “Zeke” and doing Elliott’s patented “feed me” move.

Elliott himself supported the joke, posting a photo of Looney in the locker room to his Instagram account.

Feed the man @the_looneys

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On Monday, Looney went to practice as Dak Prescott, although the effort wasn’t quite there -- he merely taped a No. 4 over his No. 73 practice jersey for the Prescott impersonation.