The Dallas Cowboys travel to Phoenix this weekend for a showdown with the Cardinals on Monday Night Football.

Fans will flock to University of Phoenix stadium as each team tries to improve on its 1-1 record and the Cowboys look to bounce back from a 42-17 drubbing in Denver.

But did you know there was an even more exciting and special moment in the Cowboys' last Monday Night Football game against the Cardinals?

Mark Dalton, the Cardinals senior vice president of media relations, recently tweeted out an interesting connection between the Cardinals game and "Jerry Maguire."

According to Dalton, during the previous Monday Night Football game between the Cardinals and Cowboys in 1995, Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr. were on hand filming scenes for the hit 1993 film.


Even better, Dalton said Cardinals rookie Budda Baker and Cowboys rookie Noah Brown weren't even born yet when this game was played.

While we won't be seeing any from Rod Tidwell, we can still hope to be treated to some awesome endzone celebrations in prime time.