The countdown is on. In a matter of hours, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will be enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

“It just feels almost unfair to have spent almost 30 years in the NFL, and had as much as I’ve had,” Jerry said, “and still get to be a part of something like this.”

“This is so substantive to me. I’ve experienced some wonderful things, and this is right there with the very best. It’s very humbling. Very humbling," he said.

Jerry’s speech will entail quite a bit. He’s joked about the fact that it will probably be rather lengthy. In speaking with the media on Friday afternoon, Jones gave a couple teases for what to expect.

Jerry teased a story he’ll tell about Phil Knight. He called it a “very special story” about the founder of Nike, but he didn’t go further than that.

You can also bet Jones will talk about his father Pat. When asked about him on Friday, Jerry became emotional.

“A parent, when they’re involved, and they’ve got your best interest – that’s a fantastic asset,” he said.

Jerry also spoke of his efforts to buy the San Diego Chargers in 1966, and how that moment passed him. And then he watched the prices of franchises continue to rise, to the point where he thought he had missed his chance. He says that story – how he went from feeling like he missed his chance, to then buying the Cowboys and making the most of that chance – will be a part of his speech, Saturday night.

Jones is prepared for the night. Having presented three of his former players, Jones says he’ll draw on that experience to get him through the weekend.

“For Larry Allen, and Michael Irvin, and Emmitt Smith to ask me to present them was equally as honoring as to be here,” Jerry said.

Ultimately for Jones, it’s being included at all, that will get him most excited about his enshrinement.

“Being included, in some manner – different skill set … little different how we got in – but the inclusion factor in such a limited group, I think to get to be mentioned in the same breath as a lot of people in those rooms, for me, because of the affinity I have for this game, the love I have for it, the respect I have for those players, really doesn’t take me but a second or two to get aware of just how good this is.”

The enshrinement ceremony begins at 6 p.m. CT, and Jones is scheduled to speak sixth of six enshrinees.