ARLINGTON -- Of all the Cowboys fans in AT&T Stadium, you’d be hard pressed to find one more passionate than Claudio Cerullo, who was decked out in Cowboys gear at the Thanksgiving day game.

“I get really crazy, my voice is usually gone,” Cerullo said.

It might be because he has to work so hard to defend the ‘Boys at home.

“It’s very difficult to be a Cowboys fan in Philadelphia,” he said.

That’s right, Cerullo is from Philly. But don’t ask him about the Eagles. He bleeds Cowboys blue, through and through.

“I love everything about Texas, and I love my Cowboys,” he said.

Claudio emigrated from Italy when he was five years old. And on the most American of holidays, he’s made it tradition to watch America’s team play on their home turf.

“It’s just the thrill of being here. I can be me here, Philadelphia they keep me a little grounded,” Cerullo said.

He hasn’t missed a Thanksgiving day game at AT&T Stadium since it opened in 2009.

“I can never miss it. I love it,” Cerullo said. “I miss being with my family, but I got an extended family here; there’s a lot of hospitality in the southwest.”

“I make a sign every year; every year a different sign,” said Cerullo, pointing to this year’s sign. It read, “From Philly. In big D. Happy turkey day.”

He even converted his wife, Daniela, a Philadelphia native who accompanied him to the game.

“When I introduced him and he came to the family dinner with this outfit on, everybody was crying,” she said.

And the Cowboys spirit doesn’t stop when he goes home. He has a man cave filled with Cowboys memorabilia he’s been collecting since he was a child.

Cerullo leaves Friday, but he’ll be back for the Thanksgiving Cowboys game next year.