Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is having a barbecue on Thursday in his hometown of Lufkin, Texas, and he’s not scrimping on the food.

Bryant posted on Facebook Wednesday that he would be in Lufkin Thursday for a big sendoff before he and his teammates head to Oxnard, Calif. for training camp this weekend.

“I'll be in Lufkin tomorrow...BBQ. Drinks all on me,” he wrote. “Also I want to play kick ball so we need to form some teams. I'm trying to figure out which park has the most space to set all of this up at...any suggestions on parks hit my inbox...trying to have fun before I head back to camp. Everyone free to join.”

Wednesday evening, Pinkerton’s barbecue in Houston tweeted that it wouldn’t be serving lunch Thursday -- because Dez bought all the food they could’ve cooked.

According to pitmaster Grant Pinkerton, the menu will include an estimated:

  • 230 lbs beef brisket
  • 180 lbs sausage
  • 80 lbs beef ribs
  • 200 lbs pork ribs

Plus beans, coleslaw, potato salad and even cobblers for dessert.

Matt Hubert with Lufkin Parks and Recreation said they began preparations yesterday afternoon for the estimated huge crowd, and that Lufkin Police Department officers will be on hand for extra security.

Dez likely put a lot of thought into his meat selection, too. Pinkerton's, in Houston's Greater Heights neighborhood, is located 119 miles south of Lufkin. But the feedback on Twitter would suggest the star wideout made a good choice.

Pinkerton’s was also ranked in Texas Monthly’s list of the top 50 barbecue restaurants in Texas.

From Texas Monthly:

When you go to Pinkerton’s, you are going to Grant’s house. No, really, he lives upstairs. It’s a family affair in more ways than one, because his parents help run things too (though they live elsewhere), and his mom does the baking. The smoking technique is a bit unusual, because Pinkerton starts his meats over strong mesquite and finishes them with mild post oak. The brisket’s smoky crust invites you back with every bite, and the fat is so well rendered it’s like butter. The pork ribs come in two options, glazed and unglazed, the former sweet and tender, like meat candy. The beef rib can hang with any of the big boys around the state, the meat pulling away from the bone with ease and sporting a nice peppery bark. Order some of the jalapeño-cheese rice as a side or try the duck and sausage jambalaya. The best finale? A slice of homemade banana cake. Rating: 4.25.

Pinkerton's wrote on Twitter that it would be open Thursday night and Friday.