DALLAS -- It's the talk of the town; the No. 1 topic on DFW sports radio.

“Now people are having a very serious conversation about, do [the Cowboys] need Tony Romo?” said The Ticket’s Bob Sturm on Wednesday.

Rookie quarterback Dak Prescott has led the Cowboys to a 4-1 start while Romo recovers from a broken bone in his back suffered in his first drive of the preseason.

But what will happen when Romo is healthy enough to play again?

"He's kind of like fine China,” said fan Garrett Fatheree. “Like, pull him out when your friends are over, but you sure don't want to drop him, because he will break."

Cowboys fans seem ready to stick a fork in the veteran quarterback and say he's done.

"He looks really good with the headset on,” Spencer Scott told us. “Looks real comfortable, to be honest with you. I see him moving into a coach role, to be honest."

Meanwhile, they're showing Dak a lot of love.

He's on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week. He told the magazine he skipped out on free tickets to the recent Kanye West concert in Dallas so he could watch Thursday Night Football, endearing him even more to fans.

"I mean, I'm a Romo fan myself, but we want to win, so goodbye Romo,” said another fan, Michelle Vo.

While Dak is the fan favorite, they may not get what they want.

Sturm says Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is loyal to Romo.

"It's his job and he wants his job back, that's a big deal,” Sturm said. “I’m not sure anything Prescott does can change that."

So, the quarterback controversy in Dallas is growing with every win.