I probably should’ve written this Monday night, but it took me a full day to simply digest the continuing, mind-numbing stupidity of yet another Baylor coach.

Baylor’s strength and conditioning coach, Brandon Washington, was arrested Saturday for solicitation of a prostitute. He was trying to pay for the sex he wanted -- which is more than too many of the young men at Baylor do -- but he was arrested and fired on the same day, before he even got his day in court.

What happened to the argument that we all make mistakes? Where did the argument go that everyone deserves a second chance?

Maybe this is the new Baylor, but if it had been one of their star players arrested, I’m betting we would have heard those same old arguments again.

It’s the hypocrisy that I’ve been railing against, and probably always will. But I really do wonder, just how stupid can some people be?

You come to Baylor knowing you’re living and working in a glass house. You’re under a magnifying glass because of the sins of so many others. And you try to buy a prostitute in Waco?

You should be fired for simply being too stupid to work at Baylor. And Brandon Washington was.

But so many others should’ve been.