Tonight, the Dallas Mavericks will have Tony Romo on their bench and in uniform. For some, this is the worst thing that has ever happened. For others, this is just ONE of the worst things that has ever happened. For most, hopefully, this is fine and even kind of good.

Nobody’s saying this isn’t a little corny. Who would say that? Why? But also, who cares? The Mavs are approximately 60 games under .500. This isn’t going to start Mark Cuban down the path of, say, legendary baseball promoter Bill Veeck, who once allowed the fans to vote for which plays they used in the game. You know how I know? Cubes is a guy who has recently suggested the NBA should fire about half of its refs every few years. Y’know, he’s not about to relax, with respect to winning.

Let me offer you another plausible explanation for why the Mavericks might do this totally fine thing that doesn’t matter and is kind of nice. The Cowboys can’t. In case you didn’t notice, the Cowboys experienced two miracles in quick succession. First, they got a new, young, great quarterback while they already had an old, great quarterback. That never happens. When Troy Aikman retired they got this close to playing that Dr. Pepper guy from the commercials behind center.

But second, it happened without any visible outside tension. I’m not saying it wasn’t tense, I’m saying from here it looked graceful. You NEVER have the old, vet QB who looks like they still can throw the ball giving a public nod of support to the guy replacing them. I think Brett Favre hung on in Green Bay for thirty years after they drafted Aaron Rodgers, and tried to run him over with his car. You never get a guy like Tony stepping away, when his time is up, rather than trying to make it work somewhere, trying to prove everybody wrong.

The Cowboys have too much invested in this smooth transition to make as much as they should about it. The Mavs don’t. Let them step in. Let’s be one city with a bunch of teams, instead of a bunch of teams with different fans. Let Tony get what he deserves.

Not too long ago, there were three great teams in the Dallas area. The Mavs were winning on Dirk’s back, the Cowboys were winning on Tony’s, and the Rangers made two World Series with a bunch of guys hitting 40 homers. That’s all gone now. The Cowboys should be pretty good next year, but it’d be a real shock if either of the other teams turned out to be even relevant.

Why shouldn’t we celebrate an era’s passing, together? I guarantee you it’ll be the most interesting thing happening on the court tonight.

VIDEO: Tony Romo on being in a Mavs uniform for home finale