Hundreds of thousands of excited fans packed into downtown Houston Friday to show their love for Astros at the World Series Championship Parade.

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There were so many magical moments during the Astros World Series Championship Parade so we clipped videos of some of the highlights.

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WATCH: Best of the Astros World Series Championship Parade

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Best seat in the house

Clockwise L-R: KHOU 11 Sports Director Bob Allen; Former Astro Ken Caminiti; Former Astro Darryl Kile; and  longtime Astros broadcaster Milo Hamilton. (GETTY IMAGES)

Can you imagine the Astros Parade watch party they had in heaven? We're sure KHOU 11 Sports Director Bob Allen, who passed away last year, was in the middle of it all. And longtime Astros announcer Milo Hamilton was doing the play-by-play. And former stars like Joe Niekro, Darryl Kile, Ken Caminiti and Jose Lima were cheering for the champions.

Fan pays tribute to the late Bob Allen during parade


Cheers, tears as Astros pass through downtown

Many of the Astros fans who turned out for the World Series Parade have watched the team for decades. Everyone cheered -- and some cried happy tears -- as they finally watched a dream come true. KHOU 11 Meteorologist Chita Craft was cheering so loud she nearly lost her voice.

WATCH: Cheers, tears as Astros pass through downtown


Climbing trees to get a good view! @Astros parade #Houston #KHOU11


Crowd goes crazy when Astros pass by

It was the moment hundreds of thousands of fans had waited hours for: The World Series Champion Houston Astros were the highlight of the parade as they passed by on three HFD fire trucks. Astros Hall of Famers Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell joined other former 'Stros on the third truck.

WATCH: Crowd goes crazy when Astros pass by


Astros Hall of Famer Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell at the World Series Championship Parade. (USAT Sports)

It was great to see Astros Hall of Famers Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio join the team on fire trucks for the World Series Championship Parade. They were also in Los Angeles when the Astros crushed the Dodgers 5-1 in Game 7.

Biggio told he got a little teary after watching the team win it all.

"You're old, you cry now," Biggio said. "It's what you're supposed to do."

Bagwell and Biggio, two of the most popular Astros of all time, played on seven playoff teams but only made it to one World Series where they were swept by the White Sox in 2005.


Da plane, da plane!

KHOU 11 showed our Astros pride with a banner that reads "KHOU stands with the Astros" flying high over downtown Houston. Fans cheered as the plane flew over.

Astros head to the parade

We spotted the World Champion Houston Astros leaving Minute Maid to head over to the parade. MVP George Springer was carrying the World Series Championship trophy and Josh Reddick was sporting a giant orange foam cowboy hat.

WATCH: Astros leave Minute Maid for the parade

The Altuve Polka

Before the parade started, Astros fans were dancing in the streets Friday to the tune of the "Altuve Polka" by a band called Polish Pete and the Polka? Hardly Know Her Band.

WATCH: Band plays "Altuve Polka"

Photos: Astros fans pack downtown for parade


Chita chats with fans

KHOU 11 Meteorologist Chita Craft chatted with excited fans while they waited for the Astros World Series Champion Parade to begin.

WATCH: Chita chats with fans at parade


These fans are hyped!


Astronauts to salute Astros

NASA’s Astros will salute the Houston Astros with a fly over of NASA T-38 trainer jets during the celebration. The aircraft will be flown by NASA research pilots David Johnson and William Pressley and astronauts Jeremy Hansen, Josh Cassada, Tracy Caldwell-Dyson, Jessica Meir, Tom Marshburn and Mike Fincke.


Earlybirds get the prime spots

Diehard Astros fans determined to get the best seats for the World Series Championship Parade headed downtown at 1 a.m. Friday morning.

The City of Houston said Thursday it's expecting at least 700,000 fans to turn out. But the crowds grew so quickly Friday morning, they were forced to extend the parade route to St. Joseph's.


We're going to Disney World!

After Houston celebrates the Astros at home on Friday, the championship team will be going to Disney World for a World Series victory parade.

World Series MVP George Springer and star players Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa will be honored with a historic victory parade down Main Street, U.S.A., at Magic Kingdom Park.