A Red Sox fan's ceremonial first pitch Wednesday will go down as one of the worst of all time.

Not simply for its errant nature, though. It soared about 15 feet high and right of its target, but 50 Cent or Snoop Dogg could tell you -- that happens.

No, Jordan Leandre's first pitch is an instant classic for its final destination: The groin of a photographer documenting the moment.

Leandre, who has appeared at Fenway Park a few times, and even thrown out the first pitch before, over the years after beating Ewing's sarcoma as a child, had a priceless reaction.

The photographer captured an amazing photo in the seconds before he was struck, too.

The first pitch was not good, especially for a kid who plays high school baseball. But don't worry Jordan, there's always this first pitch by Miss Texas at a Rangers game in 2014.

Everything about it was terrible, from the form to the pitch trajectory. Check out some of the other worst first pitches ever at For The Win.