Date: Monday, April 16th
Rangers’ Record: 4-8 (5th, 4 games behind Houston)
Tonight’s Opponent: Oakland Athletics
Tonight’s Starters: A.J. Griffin (1-0, 6.75) vs. Jharel Cotton (1-1, 3.97)

Time is weird.

On a grand scale, time is determined by a universe, this Impossibly Large Everything, the vast majority of which we aren’t even sure how to quantify. Dark matter, dark energy: they’re meant to be descriptive terms, but they seem sinister when you’re feeling a little vulnerable, which you might be if you’re thinking about the scale of the universe. The Big Dark Everything counts time on the order of millennia upon millennia.

We here on Earth eventually figured out the building blocks of our time. We swim a lap and call that a year. We turn around and look at the Big Dark Everything and Little Big Fireball and call that a day. Everything else, we just made up and agreed to pretend that 24 hours, 60 minutes, or 60 seconds means anything at all beyond what we decided it meant. It could just as easily have been divided into a metric-style 10 hour, 100 minute, 100 second system. Or 60, 30, 15. I hate to dismiss all the thought and calculations that went into the measuring of time, but they could literally have made up any three numbers, calibrated the sun dials (and eventually the clocks and stopwatches) and time would still have passed at the same rate, it would just be counted differently. It would be just as normal as our 24/60/60 scale, because that’s how it would always have been.

What does this have to do with baseball?


I just wanted to keep the 4-8 start in perspective. It’s the April 16th Baseball Texas Daily!


1. The Rangers lost again yesterday
The Rangers blew another 9th inning lead yesterday
I wrote about it again yesterday.

2. Or Moyal and I did our first Monday Facebook Live chat from the WFAA studios this afternoon. It’s a solid 50 minutes long, which is basically a podcast. You can see it here. The topics covered include:

- hot dogs
- Josh Hamilton
- OKAY FINE the bullpen
- who is the next closer
- where and why to be optimistic
- probably some things i forgot about, heck it was 50 minutes. One Facebook commenter made sure to let us know that she was leaving because of the hot dog talk but if you gotta fill 50 minutes with baseball talk, I mean… hot dogs are going to come up.

3. Jon Daniels told Ben & Skin today that the team had considered bringing Keone Kela back up to the big leagues before the weekend in Seattle, and that the original plan was around two weeks. Translation: We’re going to get Keone Kela back soon.

4. Matt Fisher went over why Jeff Banister ran out of options in yesterday’s ninth inning.  

5. Sam Hale went a little deeper (or, darker?) with his analysis of the meltdown in Seattle. Solid bonus points for the strong Simpsons reference.

6. Joe Ursery is here with the weekend wrap-up

The Rangers will play the A’s tonight, and while you never wish injury on anyone, it’s fair to say that it’s probably a relief that Texas won’t be facing Kendall Graveman on this series. Hopefully the good guys can pick up a few W’s and get back home with hope in sight.

There’s still time. 


“Becoming a Jackal” by Villagers. Are you into Irish singer songwriters who make nod and furrow your eyebrows and sigh deeply into the cloak of regret? Yes? Yes, me too.
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