Date: Tuesday, June 6th
Rangers’ Record: 26-31 (4th place, 15.5 games behind Houston)
Tonight’s Opponent: New York Mets (24-31)
Tonight’s Starters: Jacob deGrom (4-2, 3.97) vs. Dillon Gee (0-0, 0.00)

Everyone is talking about the ridiculously dumb thing that Mike Schmidt said about Odubel Herrera. Jeff Banister weighs in below. We also have a round-up on a few housekeeping items and injury updates. But first...

Things are not great in Ranger world right now. They’re 15.5 games out of first place on June 6th, and the Astros are on pace to be the best team in baseball history. Just about everything that can go wrong... has.

...hasn’t it?

Um, maybe not. Let’s take a brief look into tonight’s opponent, the New York Mets, who might have more facepalm moments than wins this year. Let’s go over them!

It’s the June 6th Baseball Texas Daily!


1. Noah Syndergaard, who is nicknamed Thor and throws a baseball like a sentient mountain with clouds for hair, missed a start, after which the team said something along the lines of “Noah, we think you should have an MRI to see what is wrong.” to which Thor replied something along the lines of “HOW DARE THEE.” Syndergaard is now on the disabled list with a torn lat and isn’t expected back until June 30th.

2. Kevin Plawecki’s name will forever be associated with this 2017 season. Why? Because on May 6th, his teammate T.J. Rivera was the player of the game, and stood wearing a crown for a photo that was posted to the team’s official Twitter account. No one remembers that it was T.J. Rivera (I had to look it up); everyone only remember’s Plawecki. Why? Because, as one eagle-eyed viewer pointed out later, someone had put a.. Um.. a toy. In Kevin Plawecki’s locker. When I say “toy”, I do not mean that Plawecki had a fidget spinner in his locker. It was significantly taller and, uh, more embarrassing.

3. Matt Harvey, THE VERY NEXT DAY, was suspended for three games by the Mets for failure to show up at the game. There were rumors about Harvey being out all night drinking, and there was confusion as to whether he had called or not to tell the team he was not feeling well, but what is not debated is that the team sent people to Matt Harvey’s house to see if his story checked out, and for some reason we know that Matt Harvey answered the door in his pajamas. Why is that detail important? It’s not. But it does just seem like one flourish of detail that helps paint the 2017 season with more clarity.

4. Jeurys Familia had numbness in his ring finger, and was placed on the DL with an arterial clot. Ohhhhh and between those two things, he pitched in a game. He is expected back sometime in mid-July.

5. Mr. Met, the Mets’ iconic and beloved mascot, was caught on video flipping off someone with a camera phone. The Mets’ team apology has since become the stuff of memes, accompanying box scores when the team does not perform well.

6. Rangers Round-up! Here is a quick overview of what is happening with the Rangers right now.

  • Mike Napoli was placed on the 10-day DL with back stiffness, which started in Boston, and got worse in Toronto. Napoli had a few days off before making it back into the lineup, but was removed in the 4th inning of Saturday’s game. Dario Alvarez was activated to take Napoli’s place on the 25-man roster.

  • Tyson Ross is going to pitch one more rehab outing. It was Ross’ decision; he said that he feels good physically, but wanted one more outing just to sharpen up his ability to make adjustments from batter to batter, rather than from inning to inning.

  • Carlos Gomez ran arcs (mirroring the shape of the bases, but on the rim of the outfield grass) and is taking batting pratice as I type this. That’s the first time he’s done that since his injury. Likewise, today is the first time Gomez will participate in outfield drills today.

  • Rougned Odor says that he feels good, and says that he spent a lot of time watching video with Robinson Chirinos on Sunday, after Saturday’s disastrous game. Odor hit a home run on Sunday.

7. Mike Schmidt made some incredibly stupid comments about Odubel Herrera today, and in what was supposed to be an apology, he instead doubled down on them, implying that leadership and English-speaking skills were inextricably woven together. I won’t dignify the exact words (or a link to them) with any more space in this Daily, but I did want to share with you Jeff Banister’s comments on the matter.

“Well, the language of baseball is pretty universal. So, I don’t see that there are many challenges there. Look, one of the greatest opportunities, in my opinion–and one of the things that can bring teams closer together than anything else–is… I don’t like to call them language barriers, but language opportunities. Sitting down to converse with each other, teach each other, grow, listen, and I think that’s more galvanizing than it is an impediment.

That’s nothing new in baseball. From the time that I stepped foot in baseball, Carlos Garcia and I were teaching each other how to order from the McDonald’s and Burger King menu, and dominoes… I’m learning how to do it in Spanish, and he’s learning how to do it in English, so I mean-- and on the field? Baseball wise, I mean… Look. I’m not going to get into an argument with a Hall of Famer, but I like the fact that if you walk out into this clubhouse here, they go out of their way to come together.

I know what happens in our clubhouse, I don’t know what happens in others. But I think we do a great job in our organization, and we did a great job in my former organization of really trying to erase that gap.”

I don’t even think I need to add anything to that.

8. Should the Rangers focus on the Wild Card? Matt Fisher has thoughts.

9. Jeremy Jeffress leads the team in appearances. Fisher also writes about Jeffress' usage, and what the future may hold.

10. Dillon Gee is starting for the Rangers today. Here is video of Dillon talking about starting against his former team, the Mets.


Today’s music recommendation comes from Eric Nadel, who told me he recently went to 91.7 KXT’s live performance by Hurray for the Riff Raff. “The Navigator” is the name of “I’ve been nobody’s child, so my blood started running wild” sneers Alynda Segarra on “Hungry Ghost”. Segarra did, in fact, spend time hopping trains around the U.S. in her late teens. Segarra lives in New Orleans now, and her voice is the sort of compelling you only earn by living some life.
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