I won’t pretend to write a recap of a game of which I was only able to watch about an inning. It sounds like a fun challenge, but there are times when you take note of the sociopolitical landscape and think “perhaps now is not a good time to willingly hand ammunition to a populace who is being told to distrust your profession,” even if baseball writing is low on the list of important journalism. So think of this as more a blog entry. Together, we can do it, right?

Greetings from the desk/table of my RV, which is currentty parked a rest stop in Big Spring, Texas. I left Surprise last night after the game and dinner, and got as far as wherever this Coen Brothers masterpiece is:

(just west of the New Mexico / Arizona border)

I’ve been driving all day, and while I originally planned on watching the game on MLB.tv, I only got as far as the second inning before A.J. Griffin, the scarcity of data coverage, and common sense regarding following driving laws convinced me to give up on the video feed and just listen to Jared Sandler and Dave Raymond call the action.

I missed two innings talking on the phone to my old bandmate Corey from Nashville and my wife. Fortunately, no expert analysis is needed: the Rangers lost 9-0, and Griffin gave up a couple of bombs. There really weren't any good things about this game, unless you count a Joey Gallo walk. The Rangers committed some errors, got a handful of hits, and no runs. (This isn’t a recap, I promise).

I have a hard drive of video and audio in the RV with me, so even though I’m done in Arizona for the remainder of Spring, I’ll still be bringing you stories and videos over the next month, and aggregating / commenting on stuff as it breaks, here in the Daily.

For today, I still have over four hours of driving left to do, so it’s going to be a short one. Here goes!


1. Adrian Beltre is going to the WBC! Some of you will cheer, others will grumble. I’m not here to police your emotions. Let’s just all remember to pray about this every night until Adrian Beltre returns to us in equal or better condition than when he left us, otherwise, the Dominican Republic is going to have to buy Texas a brand new Adrian Beltre, and those are rare, so… *two-finger pointing at both of my eyes, then turning the two fingers towards the Dominican Republic*

2. The first round of cuts happened today. Optioned to AAA were Andrew Faulker, Yohander Mendez, Connor Sadzeck. Reassigned to Minor League camp: Ariel Jurado, Adam Loewen, and Jose Valdespina.

First, an explanation, if you’re confused as to what those things mean: Every Spring, the big league club has a lot more than just the 40-man roster in big league camp. They usually start with the 40-man, plus some older “non-roster invitees”, and perhaps a select few minor leaguers that they want to get some experience in games with the big league guys. When the cuts start, these guys aren’t sent home, they just move over to the minor league camp and do their workouts over there instead.

There was only one real surprise here, and that’s Andrew Faulkner. He was on the Rangers’ Opening Day roster last season before struggling and eventually being sent back to AAA. He came into camp hoping to win that job back, competing with Loewen, Wesley Wright, and Dario Alvarez. I’m surprised to see him optioned so quickly, and none of the explanations I’ve seen reported by the other beats today seem particularly forthcoming, so I wonder if this is a story that is still developing. At any rate, it’s a good day to be Wesley Wright and Dario Alvarez.

3. Pushing this one more time: I talked to Jake Diekman and his fiancée Amanda about Jake's battle with ulcerative colitis. Here's that video again.

That's it for today! Enjoy the music recommendation, I've been listening to it for the last few hours.


We are back in Texas, and Slaid Cleaves has been my soundtrack for the last couple hours. I’m not even a huge Texas Country guy, but something about this drive… it’s a good fit. This is a solid live album, and worth the listen: “Sorrow and Smoke”
(Spotify, Apple Music, Website)

During the regular season, these recommendations occasionally come from Rangers players, broadcasters, or other people around the team (here’s a complete list). If there’s a player or person you’d like Levi to ask for a music recommendation, shoot him an e-mail threetwoeephus@gmail.com or a tweet here.

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