Date: Saturday, August 19th, 2017
Record: 60-61
Opponent: Chicago White Sox (46-73)
Starters: Derek Holland (6-12, 5.68) vs. Martin Perez (7-10, 5.08)

So this homestand has featured appearances in the visitor’s clubhouse by the used-to-be-in-the-organization Chad Bell, the was-here-for-a-minute Carlos Beltran, and the traded-for-Alex-Rios Leury Garcia. None of those really warrant much in the way of nostalgia beyond a simple acknowledgement that they used to wear the right uniform.

But the last two on the list played in the franchise’s only two World Series appearances. Those skins stay on the wall forever. Ian Kinsler made his time here last week memorable by starting a discussion on umpires that we are *still* having today, and Derek Holland starts for the White Sox tonight, his first start in Globe Life Park since departing for free agency after eight years in a Rangers uniform.

Also, we have a roster move, and a worthy cause to tell you about…

It’s the August 19th Baseball Texas Daily!


1. Holland told FWST’s Jeff Wilson that today’s start won’t be the most emotional part, but that Thursday’s first game back was. Wilson also talked to Martin Perez about facing his old teammate. Of course, this isn’t Holland’s first game against his former team. That came back on July 1st, when he allowed five runs on five hits in 5⅓ innings in Chicago, including a home run by Elvis Andrus.

2. Rougned Odor talked to us today about facing his old teammate, calling him a “great teammate” and telling us the first time they faced each other this year, he couldn’t look Holland in the eye, lest he crack up laughing. Here’s video:

2. Carlos Gomez has officially been placed on the disabled list, thanks to the huge gross cyst on his back taking longer to recover than… okay, that’s a lie. It looked like a gremlin was trying to take over his shoulder, and if you told me it was going to take a month, I would have nodded and said “yeah, sounds reasonable.” The medical team excised the cyst, and frankly, I would have also take “exorcism” as an acceptable answer. *takes mic off mic stand* How big was this cyst, folks? I mis-heard at first and thought he said “sister”, before I saw that this was too big to be a human being. *leaves stage under a hail of thrown rotten tomatoes* YEAH THESE ARE ABOUT THE RIGHT SIZE

3. Anyway, Phil Gosselin has been called up to take his place. Gosselin’s stats can be found here. He has seen big-league time with the Braves, Diamondbacks, and (most recently) the Pirates. Texas claimed him off waivers a week ago, on August 12th. The decision to call up an infielder to take the place of an outfielder was, according to Jeff Banister, based on the ability to be able to let Drew Robinson play more. With no real utility infielder, Robinson was the first backup at shortstop and second baseman, and the de facto backup just about everywhere else. With DeShields and Robinson both able to play all three outfield spots, it made more sense to bring up a utility infielder for awhile.

4. The umpires are wearing white wrist bands, according to a statement released by the umpires union, to “protest escalating verbal attacks on umpires, and their strong objection to the Office of the Commissioner’s response to the attacks.”

I want to be balanced here. Ian Kinsler should have been suspended for his comments about Angel Hernandez. And furthermore, Joe West shouldn’t have been suspended for his comments about Adrian Beltre, comments which Beltre and West both later said were said in jest. That’s true.

But come on, umps. Read the room. On a week when very real protests are happening, when people are being killed standing up for their beliefs, when we are having a very tense national discussion from a legal standpoint about what entails free speech, and what entails hate speech, and from a moral standpoint about whether it is morally defensible to punch Nazis, on a week when 40,000 beautiful people turned up to protest against a movement that has embraced White Nationalist Neo-Nazis… That’s the week you’re going to put on a white band and tell us that you’re being treated unfairly.

​I'm certainly not advocating for "let players and managers say whatever they want, and just make umpires take it" but frankly, even the most outlandish and irate public statements are measured in tone. Nothing comes close to "abuse".

And to top it off, during the first game in your white band, you’re going to stare down Jon Jay as he walks away displeased about this (incorrectly) called third strike?

C’mon umpires. Be better.

5. Let's end this on a positive note. Rangers fan James Seals contacted me on Twitter yesterday to ask if there was any way I could let all of you know about his cousin's baby, who was one pound at birth, just eleven inches tall. And now the baby's mom has suffered a stroke at just 23 years of age.

I often feel a little helpless when I hear about awful things happening in the world, and while none of us can make this situation go away, we can at least do *some*thing. Here's the gofundme page to help pay for Leeum's bills. For more information, you can get in touch with James on Twitter here.


I’ve told you guys about Kate Tempest before. I’m telling you again. “Female British rap artist’s second concept album” should be enough to pique your interest, but it doesn’t begin to touch the brilliance of the “Let Them Eat Chaos”. It’s one of my all-time favorite albums, and it has only been out since last October.
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