It’s not the most professional habit I’ve picked up in my short tenure as a beat writer, but once in awhile it’s just satisfying to find a freeze-frame of a player’s face that seems to match exactly how I felt watching the game. Do you want to hear the finer points of the Rangers’ 10-1 loss to the Mariners? I won’t pretend to tell you what you want; I’m not the boss of you, but I suspect that the answer is no. You don’t need an autopsy on this game, this series, this season.

Instead, I would guess, you would like what all sports fans like: to know you’re not alone. And so, with no further adieu, here is tonight’s game story told in freeze-frames from the post-game interviews of the last two nights

PHOTO ONE: The first inning. Andrew Cashner and Felix Hernandez each pitched 1-2-3 innings. Not Bad!

Hm, yes! I quite enjoyed the pitcher's duel that lasted one inning!

PHOTO TWO: In the second inning, Kyle Seager hit YET ANOTHER home run. In this four-game series, Kyle Seager went 5-for-16 with 3 home runs, 9 RBI, 7 runs scored, and 3 walks. Reader, how do you feel about ever seeing Kyle Seager hit against the Rangers again?


PHOTO THREE: The Rangers picked up a run on a Rougned Odor sac fly in the bottom of the second to make it 2-1, but after that, Texas would manage just one more hit (a fourth-inning Joey Gallo double off the wall) until the bottom of the 7th.

you're kiddin me, right? c'mon

PHOTO FOUR: By then, of course, it was 10-1. Seattle had scored three in the fifth on three walks and two hits, then sent ten to the plate in the sixth in a four-run top of the sixth that took four hits, three walks, 34 minutes, and 50 pitches to complete. Then Nelson Cruz hit the right field foul pole in the seventh on a solo shot that made him 4-for-4 with 4 runs and a hit-by-pitch on the evening.

PHOTO FIVE: At least Rougned Odor hit a three-run home run in the bottom of the 7th. Adrian Beltre singled (and was removed for pinch-runner Drew Robinson), Gallo was hit by a pitch, and Odor homered. Three run home runs are great! But the score was still just 10-4.

[hissing sound]

PHOTO SIX: A.J. Griffin made his first ever relief appearance tonight, and was pretty good. That’s a nice positive note to end on. He pitched the last three innings, and struck out three, walked just one, and only allowed the one hit (the Cruz home run). It was an encouraging outing for A.J. but in the context of the evening–the end of a series in which the Rangers went from being 2 games back in the Wild Card race and trailing only the Twins and Angels to 5 games back and trailing the Twins, Angels, Mariners, and tied with the Royals… well,

The Rangers now embark on a nine-game road trip to Anaheim, Seattle, and Oakland. Here's some postgame video.