It's a play never to be forgotten.

"I couldn't believe it," Vikings quarterback Case Keenum said. "I couldn't at the time. I was looking for people to hug."

A product of Abilene Wylie high school, Keenum was one of the architects of one of the most historic plays in NFL playoff history -- the Vikings 'Minnesota Miracle', a 61-yard touchdown pass as time expired, to beat the New Orleans Saints, and move on to the NFC Championship Game.

"I texted Case's dad at about 2 o'clock this afternoon, and I said 'did you fly home on an airplane, or are you still soaring?!?'" Hugh Sandifer, Keenum's high school coach at Abilene Wylie, said Monday afternoon.

Keenum made clutch plays in his Wylie days, too.

"In the state championship game," Sandifer said, "he had a 50 yard run to set up a 25-yard field goal to win the game on the last play."

But maybe it's just games played in Minnesota.

"The Vikings fans are trying to call it anything but a 'Hail Mary', because they don't to associate anything with the 'Hail Mary'," former Cowboys great Drew Pearson said, "because they're still mad at me about that."

The original Hail Mary, named by Cowboys legend Roger Staubach, came over 42 years ago -- also in Minnesota, also down the right sideline, also, past a defensive back wearing the #43. And Vikings fans haven't forgotten.

"I was in Minnesota speaking at a Chamber luncheon, and they were booing me there, too," Staubach said. "It was a friendly boo."

And for Pearson, Sunday's Minnesota Miracle felt awfully similar.

"Wow. This is how it probably was, when I caught my 'Hail Mary'," Pearson said. "You know, everybody thought the game was lost, I thought the game was lost... and the next thing you know, the house explodes."

And Pearson -- who opened a restaurant on Monday at DFW Airport -- knows better than anyone, Vikings wideout Stefon Diggs is in for quite a life.

"I hear stories, still to this day, about what people were doing, how they thought the game was lost, and when they made that catch how they were so excited," Pearson said. "And Diggs better get ready, because he won't live this down.

"And guess what -- he won't want to live it down."