Desiree Allen is one of few women coaching high school football in Texas. She is in her third season at North Dallas High School.

But this is her second year under head coach Fred Johnson.

"They had a staff that left," as Johnson tells the story. "She was the only coach that stayed, and ran offseason.

"She ran the offseason by herself. She washed clothes by herself. Everything. When I was hired, I interviewed every coach on the staff but her. She said coach, 'why didn't you interview me?' I said 'because you have a job on my staff unless you don't want it. As long as I'm the head coach at North Dallas, you're a coach at North Dallas.'

"Because when the ship almost sank, she kept it afloat."

Being a female football coach isn't easy. In fact, when she told a friend she was coaching...

"He just burst up laughing," Allen says. "I didn't really say anything, but I was like 'okay, we need to beat that team.' And we did."

Coach allen knows her stuff, because she plays. She's a wide receiver, defensive back, and kicker for the Dallas Elite women's football team.

"When the team goes out to support her," Johnson says, "they see her doing certain things, they're like 'okay, that's what she's talking about."

And believe it or not, Coach Allen is not the only female out here. North Dallas has a girl that plays for the team, as well. Stefany Rodriguez -- who has gotten some major support from her friends.

"They say that it's pretty awesome to have me as a friend," Rodiguez says. "That I'm the first and only female to play at North Dallas."

And for Stefany and the rest of the team - "to some extent, I'm like a mother figure," Allen says.

Because she relates to the kids, in a way the other coaches just can't.

"I sat and ate with all the kids, and we all started talking about 'this is my relationship with my mom and my dad,' and I learned a lot. I was like 'wow'. Now I see why they're receptive to me."

Receptive, and then some -- to a coach who kept the ship from sinking, and now helps steer it.