FRISCO -- Year one of the Frisco Independence football program is one they want to forget.

"That's the past," said senior quarterback Kyle Saddler. "That's in the past. This is a new year."

The team was inexperienced.

"We had one player on the team who had played a varsity snap before," said Head Coach Kyle Story.

Frisco Independence Head Coach Kyle Story

But that brought little solace to the team.

"Heartbreak, lot of tears, and a lot of hard work that got wasted," said left tackle Jason Moore.

That was 2014. The team had no seniors and only one win.

Year two was better.

"I thought we were a lot better," Story said. "Three-to-four times better the second year than we were the first year, even though it was only one more win."

Independence has gone from three wins in two years to five wins in six weeks.

"I still think we have people underestimating us or sleeping on us," Moore said. "But we're going to wake people up soon."

To become a winning program, you need players, and Independence got a good one when running back Dom Williams transferred in from Parish Episcopal in Dallas. He's one of the area's leading rushers.

"I knew a lot of people that are from this school," Williams said. "I knew what we could do because I played with them. So, I knew we were capable of winning and making a championship team."

His teammates are happy to have him.

Frisco Independence quarterback Kyle Saddler

"There's sometimes when I see him take off and there's one guy he has to beat," Saddler said. "I know he'll beat him, so I start jogging down the field after him."

The Knights' third year of football seems about three decades ahead of where they started.

"We took our lumps and we learned from it," Story said. "Having learned from it, once you get to where you can compete a little bit, it makes it a whole lot sweeter that you've gone through those times."

A playoff berth would be even sweeter.