DeSOTO -- Former Southlake Carroll quarterback Kenny Hill got a lot of national attention for what he did in his first game as Texas A&M's starting quarterback, breaking former Aggie QB Johnny Manziel's A&M record for passing yards in a game.

At the high-school level, the football community in DeSoto was wondering how their quarterback, Tristan Wallace, would replace the exciting and successful Des White.

Wallace's answer? Seven combined touchdowns in a 55-30 win over one of the better teams in the area, Arlington Martin.

"A star was born," said Martin's head coach Bob Wager, "and I got to watch first-hand."

Wallace's game was statistically incredible. He was 10-of-17 passing for 287 yards and four touchdowns. He ran the ball another 11 times for 231 yards, an average of 21 yards per carry.

"We taking it one game at a time," Wallace said. "There's still a lot of ball left to be played, and that was just one game, and I can't live off one game. We're going to play the season out and see how it goes."

We featured Des White last year in a News 8 Sports story. He was one of the area's best-dual threat quarterbacks, and he was only 5-foot-6. Judging from his first game as the starter, Tristan Wallace might become one of the best pass-run quarterbacks in the area, and he's huge: 6-foot-3, 225 pounds.

"I think with Tristan, as long as he continues to put the homework in and time and effort in, and continues to stay humble, he can be as good as he wants to be," said DeSoto Head Coach Claude Mathis.

Wallace has a long way to go to match the success of Des White, whose only two losses in two years both came in the state semi-finals against Allen. But Wallace is off to a great start.

"He only lost two games his whole career here as a starter," Wallace said. "That's incredible to follow up behind."

If Wallace continues to play like this, the quarterback position in DeSoto may look different - by about nine inches and 75 pounds - but it won't be much different.