Wide receivers could learn something from Decatur volleyball star Autumn Finney. The senior outside hitter and team captain has a penchant for taking the concept of “laying out” to a whole new level.

That’s Finney providing her best Supergirl impression during Friday’s Decatur match against Krum. Finney transformed a surefire Krum point into a Decatur one with what one Twitter commenter quite aptly called, “a beach dive on an actual court.”

He wasn’t wrong. Take a look at a longer, fuller cut of the highlight for yourself:

Finney’s point was obviously the play of the season thus far for Decatur, which entered Friday’s faceoff with a 6-2 district record and eyes on the playoffs after one final home match against Argyle High.

With Finney on the court, the Eagles should feel comfortable no matter who they’re matched up against. At the very least, they’ll know that no point is truly beyond saving.