Part 1: The Musers tell Dale about the distinct challenges of their early-morning schedule and their humble beginnings in the mid-90s.

Part 2: The Musers talk to Dale about some of the early shakeups at the station as well as their favorite Ticket bit characters

Part 3: The Musers tell Dale about some of the crazy things they did to keep The Ticket going early on, and when they knew their early momentum was real.

Part 4: The Musers discuss their connection to the local sports scene - and relive the priceless day when they pranked Dale with Fake Norm Hitzges on their show.

Part 5: The Musers discuss what could have been if they hadn't joined The Ticket, some of their inspirations and why they've stuck around so long.

Part 6: The Musers discuss the toll their show's early hours take, the process of writing the show's 8:40 bits and how much planning goes into the average day.

Part 7: Is there a next step? What else drives Dunham, Miller and Keith? Is there a limit to Gordon's Lee Harvey Oswald obsession? All that and more in our final segment with The Musers!