Coach Ryan Ebner, of the Grandview High School baseball team, has no desire to forecast the weather. But after what his team recently accomplished, he can tell you lightning never strikes twice. It strikes three times.

“It’s one of those things that doesn’t happen often," Ebner said.

“It’s pretty crazy," added senior pitcher Judson Hudson.

“It’s pretty rare," chimed senior pitcher Casey Brownlow.

It may be hard to believe, but you're more likely to be friends with someone who's actually been struck by lightning than you are to throw a no-hitter in baseball, which is what makes the next part of this story so unbelievable.

Brownlow was pitching in the game in which it all started.

"Defense played well behind me," he said.

Grandview High School no-hitter games

By the time that game was over, Brownlow had thrown a no-hitter.

“You gotta have a little bit of luck, too," he said of the feat. 

Imagine being the guy who has to follow a no-hitter.

“If I throw one then it happens, if not..." said senior pitcher Zach Hahn with his voice trailing off.

Hahn pitched the next game and by the time that one ended, he too had thrown a no-hitter.

“It’s just one of those things you don’t want to talk about during the game, don’t want to talk about it again because you feel like you’re jinxing yourself," coach Ebner said.

What are the odds of the same team throwing two straight no-hitters?

“We were joking around after saying the third one would be something else," Hudson said.

Hudson had the unfortunate honor of trying to make three in a row actually happen.

Which he did last week.

“Not often do you hear about three in a row," he said.

“It never crossed my mind that it would be three in a row," Ebner added.

Three straight no-hitters by the same team makes you wonder, what's in the water in Grandview?

“We’re not drinking any sort of special drink or anything," Hahn said.

“Only secret’s hard work," Brownlow said.

They only need 12 more no-hitters to win a state championship.

“How hard could it be," said jokingly.

Apparently, a whole lot easier than getting a hit off of any of these guys.