I normally don't write in the first person. But I'm breaking the rules.


Because I saw something awesome enough to deserve it. And it had nothing to do with football, really.

But first, let's get the football out of the way...

Frisco Lone Star was absolutely dominant in its 45-14 win over Frisco Wakeland on Friday at Toyota Stadium. The Rangers wrecked the Wolverines on both sides of the ball, quickly mounting an insurmountable lead. Wakeland found difficulty moving the ball against a swarming defense. They had a rough night.

It's easy to see why Lone Star is ranked No. 10 for 5A schools in the state by the AP.

The most impressive player on the field was Lone Star quarterback M.J. Rivers, who finished the night with six total touchdowns – four through the air and two on the ground.

What's more impressive? Rivers and wide receiver Marvin Mims pulled off a hat trick, connecting for touchdowns on three separate plays. Talk about chemistry.

This is a great football rivalry.

Which brings us to the good part.

It all started when Lone Star's band began playing its school song.

Clad in various neon colors, the Wakeland student section stood and turned their backs to the sideline as the Lone Star fans swayed to the music. Basically, as a friendly way of saying, "Hey you're not our friends, buddy."

Expecting the Lone Star students to do something similar during the Wakeland school song, I got out my camera.

And that's when it happened.

Something so strange, so unexpected, that I forgot to take a picture.

The Lone Star students pulled out a giant cardboard sign that read, in big, bold text: "WE OWN."

We're talking big enough to read from the opposing sideline.

Next to the sign, a student began waiving a Whataburger flag that he inexplicably obtained (Maybe they're available online, I don't know).


What could that possibly have to do with anything?

A lot, apparently.

Frankly, I would guess that maybe half the students in each section cared more about Lone Star's sign than the game on the field.

Yes, these schools have been fighting over Whataburger. And no, not a menu item.

Both of these schools have laid claim to the same Whata location – store #1020, to be exact.

And, from what I could gather, it's basically a small-scale blood feud.

Some context: Lone Star and Wakeland high schools are pretty close by. According to Google Maps, each school is just a seven-minute drive away from the other.

The schools split Frisco's Eldorado Parkway and boarder the Dallas North Tollway.

And there at the corner of Eldorado and the Tollway sits Whataburger store #1020.

"We're closer to it," a Wakeland student told me, "it should be ours."

She isn't wrong. 1020 is only a five-minute drive from Wakeland. It takes seven minutes to get there from Lone Star.

"But we've owned this district for years," a Lone Star student shouted at me when I questioned the Rangers' claim. "I don't care. That's my Whata!"

And that's true too. Lone Star has certainly had more success as of late than Wakeland.

To make things more complicated, I've heard the Frisco Reedy also lays claim to this Whataburger. I could not reach a Reedy student to confirm this, however.

But if that's the case, we should settle it on the field.

I don't know the particulars of how one claims a Whataburger, but it makes sense to me that the district winner should have dibs. Everyone else can still use the Whata as long as they're willing to concede that it isn't their home base. I'm probably going to get some angry Twitter DMs for suggesting that.

Lone Star and Reedy are the only remaining undefeated teams in the district. They don't play until the first week of November.

So, I'd like to officially declare that "The Whatabowl." If Jackie Moon could coin the "Flint Michigan Megabowl," I should be able to make my own bowl too.

Have fun fighting it out, kids. Have a double with extra mustard for me.

The real winner of this rivalry is the owner of Whataburger #1020, after all.

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