The Battle for the Iron Skillet.

Saturday, we get the first meeting of undefeated teams in this matchup since 1985. But TCU is still a 20-point favorite.

"This is the best team we've faced since I've been here," SMU head coach Chad Morris said of the Horned Frogs. "They've got speed, they've got length, they've got experience."

But that doesn't mean this will be a walk-over for TCU, who has experience -- experience they'd rather not have -- losing to SMU when they have a good team.

"I told them the 2005 Oklahoma story," TCU head coach Gary Patterson said. "We were 11-and-1. And the only loss we had was SMU."

If SMU is going to pull the upset on Saturday, wide receiver Courtland Sutton will be a big part of why. The NFL-bound wideout caught four touchdown passes -- in his last game alone.

"Courtland sutton, he's a great receiver, but I feel like we play great players every week," TCU linebacker Travin Howard said. "We have great cornerbacks and great safeties around us, that can cover him. So we're just gonna approach this game like we approached Jackson State and Arkansas."

And even though players for both teams had a hard time identifying where the skillet is actually located... or what it's origins are -- legend has it an SMU fan was frying frog legs on a skillet back in the '50s, by the way -- it doesn't chance the fact that they want to take it home tomorrow night.

"This rivalry means a lot to SMU in general," SMU defensive end Justin Lawler said. "It's an important game."

"You never want to lose this game, with both teams being in the same area," TCU quarterback Kenny Hill added. "But I mean, they're a good team, they've gotten a lot better. So they're gonna come out here swinging, and we gotta be ready for 'em."

The skillet's on the line. But SMU's going to need a huge performance, to pull the upset on the road.