Don't expect any slick explanations when the Cowboys give the autopsy on how they turned the league's top-ranked rushing defense into road kill.

The explanation is pretty simple. It's rooted in hard work that leads to superior execution.

"Honestly we go to work," said Elliott. "It's what we do. I think we probably work harder than anyone in the league. That's why we can run the ball week in and week out."

The Cowboys invested in all those first round picks on the offensive line, and it's paying off big time.

The guys up front, paired with the talented rookie Zeke Elliott mauled the Packers, turning Lambeau Field into their own personal playground -- making NFL history in the process.

"It comes down to execution," says center Travis Frederick. "Making sure that our technique is good. It's all those little things we work on throughout the week to try and get better at."

157 yards on 28 carries versus the Packers means Elliott has rushed for more than 130 yards in four straight games -- the first rookie running back to pull off that feat in NFL history.

"I've got to thank my [offensive] line," said Elliott. "Those guys work their tails off. You know they make it easy for me, so I just go out there, compete and run the ball."

In what is becoming the formula for Cowboys success, the Cowboys offensive line blew open holes for Zeke Elliott early and often -- setting the tone in another dominant win.

Elliott had run for more yards by the half than any other back had in an an entire game against the Packers, giving a clue to how dominating the ground attack would be.

And by the time the Cowboys notched a more-than-convincing 14-point win, they'd piled up 191 rushing yards. That's 20 more yards than the Packers had given up all season on the ground.

"Really, really good rush defense we faced today," said Head Coach Jason Garrett. "I thought our guys saw that as a challenge to win up front. And I thought we did that."

There was a notion awhile back that anyone could run behind this offensive line. Elliott is blowing that out of the water. Now that the Cowboys have the right runner, he's producing at a rate the NFL has never seen for someone so young.

"The runner matters," says Garrett. "He was physical throughout the game. What was most impressive is they weren't easy. They were hard the whole game."

Elliott has rushed for a league-leading 703 yards this season. The only rookie running back with more yards through six games in league history is Eric Dickerson. And his rookie single season rushing record of 1808 is squarely in Elliott's sights.

"I love the fact that I'm here," says Elliott. "I love the fact that I'm on this team. I'm very excited about where we're going to go."

As is all of Cowboys nation.