ARLINGTON -- A rematch of last year’s tense five-game series? A grudge match filled with bad blood and on-field brawls?

A matchup this juicy has to be primetime viewing, right?

Apparently Major League Baseball does not think so.

In the postseason, MLB does not schedule games to start at the same time and tries to keep them from overlapping with each other. The result is some early start times for many games in the Division Series round.

The Texas Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays, and all recent intriguing history between them, will be the first game on the slate for each of the first two days in the MLB postseason much to the disappointment of Rangers fans.

Game One at Globe Life Park in Arlington will begin at 3:38 p.m. Thursday, while the opposite American League Division Series matchup between Boston and Cleveland will begin at 7:08 p.m. Then four playoff games will be played Friday and, once again, the Rangers and Jays will lead off with a 12:08 p.m. start.

Fans who bought tickets before the start times were announced have been left in a difficult situation. Either skip work or any other weekday obligations they might have, or sell their tickets at a significant loss of money. But it also creates the opportunity for a playoff baseball bargain for fans who are free during the day.

As of Thursday morning, tickets on secondary online market were selling for as cheap as $15 for Game One and $25 for Game Two. One upset fan told WFAA he sold his tickets for the first two games at a 75 percent loss.

By comparison to other big sporting events in DFW this weekend, Saturday’s annual Texas-OU battle at the Red River Showdown will cost $192 for the cheapest ticket, while the nosebleed seats for the Cowboys-Bengals game on Sunday are going for $85.

If the Rangers and Blue Jays series makes it to a fifth game, it will be held in Arlington on Oct. 12. The start time for that game has not been announced.