For most of the 2016 season, the Cowboys' offense was a well-oiled machine. Fueled by a balanced, run-first attack, Dallas often burned opposing defenses that couldn't cover every weapon at offensive coordinator Scott Linehan's disposal.

But just because the Cowboys like to run behind the best offensive line in football doesn't mean Dallas lacks elite receivers. Even if some don't consider Dez Bryant to be among the best in the NFL anymore.

When healthy, focused and not reporting late to training camp, Bryant is a nightmare for opposing secondaries and presents several match-up problems. And yes, he is without a doubt an elite NFL receiver.

Don't believe me? Check out these Top 5 Dez Bryant plays of 2016.

-No. 5: So close, yet so far away

One yard, to be exact.

In a low-scoring, defensive game, this 60-yard heave downfield was the biggest play of the night between the Cowboys and Vikings.

Dez faked a double move to the inside, and once the defensive back bit, he was all but home free. Dak Prescott's pass was a tad in front of him, but Bryant lunged out to make a diving grab before somersaulting to the one-yard line.

No matter. Ezekiel Elliott punched it in on the next play to get Dallas on the board.

-No. 4: I'll take that

There aren't many receivers in the league that can climb the ladder and bring down 50/50 balls like Dez Bryant.

Against two defenders near the goal line, Dez made a remarkable adjustment mid-route and hauled in this pass for a touchdown that looked straight out of the Tony Romo era.

Tell me more about how Dez isn't an elite receiver.

-No. 3: I'll take that, Part II

Did I mention Dez loves winning 50/50 balls?

This catch is even more impressive than No. 4, especially considering the Philadelphia defender was draped all over him. With the Cowboys trailing by a touchdown late in the fourth quarter, Bryant literally reached through the defensive back and snagged this pass for the score.

Dallas went on to win the game in overtime, and extended its winning streak to six games.

-No. 2: Dez Bryant, QB

In what was turning into a blowout on Monday Night Football against the Lions, this reverse pass from Dez to Jason Witten opened the floodgates.

Like many teams do, Detroit keyed on the run when the Cowboys got into the redzone.

And Bryant made them pay.

Just as Witten started blocking, he released up field and ran straight for the corner of the endzone. Instead of continuing running, Bryant lofted a lefty pass that fell right into the waiting arms of Witten.

Did you know Dez was a left handed?

-No. 1: Dez Bryant doesn't care about your pass interference

Forget 1st and goal from the one-yard line.

Dez will get the touchdown himself.

Even with a Detroit defensive back face guarding him, Dez managed to corral this pass one-handed and come down with it for a touchdown. Imagine how the defender felt.

Not even cheating could stop Bryant from making that play. Go ahead and pick that flag up, Mr. Referee. The Cowboys are declining that penalty.

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