I’ve done a one-eighty on the Cowboys’ rookie quarterback Dak Prescott and I think I deserve at least a little credit for not saying three-sixty like some guys do.

Now, I’ve never said he couldn’t play, but I did say I didn’t think he would play anywhere close to as good as he is now. It’s almost unheard of.

Prescott throws his first interception in Green Bay. And it took him 177 throws to get there. The great Tom Brady could only get to 162.

So, now I guess he better than Brady.

Dak Prescott and Tony Romo

Actually, I don’t think he’s that good at least not yet. But, how about this: I think he’s a better quarterback for this Cowboys team now than Tony Romo would be.

Romo was really good. Better than most. But better than most isn’t good enough for Cowboys fans and I don’t think it has to be if there is an alternative.

And Dak Prescott is that alternative. He’s playing behind a great offensive line. He has the benefit of a great running game. But then every good to great quarterback does.

Maybe Romo could do even more. Maybe. But as long as Prescott keeps doing what he’s doing and the http://www.wfaa.com/sports/nfl/cowboys/live-updates-stats-dallas-cowboys-green-bay-packers-nfl-blog/336556326Cowboys keep winning, Dak Prescott should be the quarterback who keeps playing.