Frisco -- On this day, Quarterback Dak Prescott experiencing two contrasting components that come along with his Cowboys fame.

On one hand, Prescott providing the time of his life to make-a-wish kid Ray-Ray Melgarejo.

"I hope it's something they never forget for the rest of their lives," Prescott said.

Prescott says it's humbling to be able to use his platform to bring the kind of joy you could see all over Melgarejo's face. The nine-year old from California actually joined Prescott and the other Cowboys quarterbacks on the field before the second of three mini-camp practices.

"Me and the guys definitely enjoyed it," said Prescott. "Me and the other quarterbacks have Ray-Ray go through drills with us. he may have a chance with this."

Ray-Ray had a tumor removed from his head recently and looks forward to playing more football while employing the advice given by his hero.

"Dak {told} me just have confidence and just throw the ball," said Melgarejo.

With this season's preparation still in it's infancy, Prescott admittedly struggled in mini-camp practice number one Tuesday. Some in the media made a big deal about it, but Prescott said at this stage of the game that can actually be a positive.

"The practices yesterday wasn't that smooth from an offensive point," he said, "but it was a great practice because we got a lot of thins and a lot of different looks and situations that came up that we can learn from now rather than in the season, so those are sometimes the better practices"

The by-product of accomplishment is expectation. And with that position on this team, the spotlight can become absurd. Coaches say Prescott understands and embraces that fact.

"You've got to take the good and take some of the negative things that come with it and treat it both the same," said Cowboys offensive coordinator Scott Linehan. He said Prescott has repeatedly shown the ability to "move forward, and not get caught up in it."

"I understand why all the endorsements and being in the position to make a wish is because of my ability on the football field," said Prescott. "I want to be as great a player as I can, so that's my main focus. The other things just come with it as they fit in."

Providing great moments while shouldering great responsibility. All in a days work for a Cowboys quarterback.