The last thing you can take from people, maybe the last thing you should take from people, is the idea that winners find a way to win. It’s, in many ways, what the American Dream itself is built on. And, you know, obviously if you have two people with around the same amount of talent, you want the one with the better mindset.

That’s all I’m going to say in defense of the lunatics who think Dak Prescott should keep playing when Tony Romo comes back. Or rather I’ll say something nice for them in a few paragraphs, but not about them being right about anything. Tony Romo, last time we saw him, was a lot better at quarterback than Dak Prescott. That’s why he should start when he comes back and there are no other meaningful or intelligent points to make.

Dak looks like a pretty good QB. He, in fact, looks like what a pretty good QB would look like with an amazing offensive line and a young stud of a running back who isn’t asked to do too much. He has also won four out of five games, losing only to the Giants in his first ever outing. He was fine then, too, but not as fine. Since then, he’s been even MORE competent. You can get psyched about that. Why not?

The Atlanta Falcons got psyched about their hot start against terrible teams last year, too. People get psyched about that kind of thing. Ignore the fact that the teams the cowboys have beaten, the Skins, Bears, 49ers, and Bengals, are a combined 7-13, or that even the Giants they lost to are 2-3. Don’t even worry about it. Winners just magically win. That’s how winning works.

Tony Romo, when last we REALLY saw him (2014), was one of the greatest quarterbacks of his era. I don’t care if anyone thinks that’s silly, it’s true. He was fourth in TDs, behind Andrew Luck, Aaron Rodgers, and Peyton Manning, with many fewer INTs than all but Rodgers and with more YPA anda higher completion percentage than any of ‘em. He had the highest QB rating and QBR in the game, according to Pro Football Reference. He was extremely, extremely good, because he is extremely good.

Dak is fine, right now. Tony has averaged 31 TD passes per season, since 2011, not counting last year’s injury shortened experience. With four through five games, Dak would need approximately 2.5 a game to match that. I don’t see it. Being the kind of knee jerk fan you are, you’ll probably say BUT INTERCEPTIONS. But actually, Tony has had 10 or fewer INTs in six of the last seven seasons.

It may be that Tony, with roughly a year and a half away from the game, will be rusty, and it may be that he’s done. But I’m not talking about playing Romo over Dak because the Cowboys OWE him, I’m talking about playing him because he is clearly a better and more effective QB than Dak will be at any point this year, or at least, he was until his last injury.

Of course, the bottom line here is that there’s probably no point in anyone stressing about this. The Cowboys WILL play Romo over Dak, and Romo WILL probably get injured immediately and be forced to retire. With three back injuries in his last four games, hard to see it going any other way. So I don’t plan to talk about this very much.

But the Cowboys will be making the right move here because magic, other than Cowboys-cursing wizards, doesn’t exist and neither should magical thinking. I can pretty much guarantee you right now that Tony will have had a much better career than Dak will end up with.

Because, whatever you think, it’s one of the truly great QB careers, although all-time great might be a bit of a stretch. Top 30 in passing yards, despite the late start he got, 21st in TDs, and third all-time in QB rating, just ahead of Steve Young, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning. Odds are strongly against us seeing another Cowboys QB do that for a bit.

So good for Dak, I hope and expect he’ll have a good long career, but he should still sit when Romo comes back for at least as long as Romo comes back.

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