The Dallas Cowboys weren't yet 24 hours removed from a difficult loss on the road -- but several of their players, including quarterback Dak Prescott and tight end Jason Witten came out to the Salvation Army in Dallas, to serve hot Thanksgiving meals to men and women at the SA.

"You don't think about it when you're sitting down for your great meal, that everybody doesn't get a chance to have that meal," Cowboys center Travis Frederick said. "It's fun to see the smile on their face."

Less than 24 hours after that difficult loss on the road, the Cowboys were at the Salvation Army, serving hot meals for an early Thanksgiving.

The family affair even included Jason Witten's two sons.

"I think they had a competition going, to see who could hand out more pies," Witten said with a smile. "There's a lot of things I hope I can teach them. But really, there's no better example than today, to be able to give."

Apparently the Cowboys players -- particularly Prescott -- served more than food.

"Yes, that's the one I like. Wow!" one female patron said.

Prescott's reaction from the women at the Salvation Army -- raucous. Why?

"Look at him!" another said, with gusto.

Prescott blushed at what he called 'support'.

"I mean, it was support. I don't know if it was all support for the way I play on the field, but it was all support, I'm guessing," Prescott said with a laugh. "I'm hoping."

Prescott certainly heard the hollers and the whistles. But he also made an impact, and a connection.

"It just showed a good side of him, a very compassionate side of him," Breanyon Hill said of Prescott. "It shows that they can get down on our level, and they can connect with us in a way, and just show their sharing side. I'm very grateful to be here."

And as much as the Cowboys players lifted the spirits of those at the Salvation Army today -- the favor was returned, coming off a tough game.

"It really is inspiring in a lot of ways," Witten said. "You know, for them to be 'hey, hang in there, you guys are gonna get back on track!', we appreciate that support."

But nothing lifted the Cowboys spirits more than the work they did today.

"We play a game for a living," Frederick said, bringing a dose of reality. "And when you see things like this -- there's people that are in dire need. And when we can use our platform to do something good like this, it's definitely helpful."