Ezekiel Elliott went to New York on Thursday hoping for win, but lost in court.

"I think this has been the result that was going to happen all along,” said former Cowboys fullback Daryl “Moose” Johnston.

Elliott's on and off again suspension has been hard fought in various courtrooms. Bottom line, the decision by 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals means his suspension is back on.

"Well, you know with Cowboy blue running through my veins, I am disappointed,” said former Wide Receiver Drew Pearson.

Elliott’s next day in court will be Dec. 1, which means he is suspended until then. That means he will miss the next four games. While he is under suspension, he can not even step foot at the Cowboys practice facility.

"They can not replace the emotion and passion that Zeke brings to that team and sparks that offense,” said Johnston.

The NFL has wanted to suspend Elliott for six games because they allege he was involved in a domestic violence incident in which he was never charged or convicted.

Elliott and his attorneys said the disciplinary process was unfair and the NFL disregarded evidence. The NFL Players Association agreed under collective bargaining to give Commissioner Roger Goodell the power to do what he is doing.

“You have a commissioner with all the authority. He can be judge, jury and executioner,” said Johnston.

Lost in all the court wrangling is Elliott’s behavior off the field. He has not only been accused of domestic abuse. At the St. Patrick's Day parade, he pulled a woman's shirt down exposing her breasts.

The Cowboys themselves said they were concerned about his behavior.

Cowboys legend Drew Pearson said he respects the fact Elliott is fighting to clear his name, but also said the suspension should serve as a wake-up call.

“If anything comes of this, it's the level of maturity he has to understand of where he is now,” said Pearson.

Elliott told the media last week that he is not an abuser, and that's why he won't accept the punishment.

Experts said Elliott will most likely end up serving his entire six-game suspension.