The Dallas Cowboys got embarrassed on Sunday in Denver. Dominated in all three phases of the game, and crushed on the scoreboard, 42-17.

The offense was atrocious -- the offensive line, vaunted as the best in the NFL, got no push; Ezekiel Elliott ran 9 times for 8 yards(!); Dak Prescott threw half as many interceptions in one game as he did all of last season; Jason Witten dropped a would-be touchdown pass in the end zone; Cole Beasley made zero death-defying catches behind his head; in short, it was bad.

The defense was atrocious -- nobody could tackle, not even Sean Lee; Orlando Scandrick was hurt, and the rest of the Cowboys cornerbacks looked so bad it's hard to describe; basically outside of another good game from Tank Lawrence, in short, it was also bad.

It was also only Week 2.

Listen, I'm not going to sit here and apologize for what the Cowboys did on Sunday in Denver. They were out-played. They were out-coached. They were out-everything'd.

But let's not get carried away here. Just like last week, when you shouldn't have been overreacting to the Cowboys defense holding New York to three points, this week you shouldn't overreact to the Cowboys giving up 42. It's one game. Neither is gospel.

The Cowboys defense is -- obviously -- somewhere in between those two extremes. Which extreme they're closer to will be decided by a variety of factors. Health is one -- having Orlando Scandrick back is necessary. And they're going to have to tackle WAY better than they did on Sunday. But we'll see how that develops.

What I want to know is this. Sunday was the first time in 19 games that count, that a Dak Prescott-Zeke Elliott Cowboys team has faced a tail-kicking like this.

How do they respond?

I don't know that the answer is a good one. But I think it probably is.

Just look at what Dak Prescott has been through in his life, for one example. All he's done is handle adversity like a champ.

The Cowboys need an answer. An impressive, loud, forceful answer. Now's our chance to sit back and listen for it.