You know the movie Groundhog Day?

Phil Connors, played by the incredible Bill Murray, becomes trapped in an endless time loop. He wakes up every morning on Feb. 2 to Sonny and Cher's "I Got You Babe," and only after turning his life around is he able to escape.

Many Cowboys fans probably heard "I Got You Babe" ringing in their ears during the first quarter of the Arizona game Monday night. Down 7-0 as the second quarter began, Dallas looked slow, sluggish and not ready to play – a lot like they did against Denver a week ago.

Carson Palmer was 11-of-11, had all day to throw and was casually picking apart the Cowboys secondary. With Arizona driving and about to reach the red zone, Dallas needed a jolt to break the loop.

Enter ageless wonder Phil Dawson.

The Cardinals dominated the first quarter, possessing the ball for over 13 minutes. In fact, Dallas' offense managed just three plays in the first quarter. But then the Cowboys caught a break, when an Arizona holding call negated what would have been a touchdown.

Instead of going up 14-0, the Cardinals trotted out Dawson for a routine 36-yard field goal.

He hooked it to the right, and just like that, it was Feb. 3.

Dak Prescott marched the Cowboys right down the field, scoring the first of his three touchdowns on the day when he somersaulted into the end zone to lead Dallas to a 28-17 bounce back victory.

It wasn't just Prescott who bounced back this week, though. Ezekiel Elliott carried 22 times for 80 yards and a touchdown, and DeMarcus Lawrence had perhaps the best game of his career, recording three sacks while providing pressure on Palmer on nearly every play even when the Cowboys only rushed three linemen.

And let's not forget about Dez Bryant, who possibly invigorated the Cowboys most with his emphatic 12-yard touchdown reception that gave Dallas its first lead of the game. He may have only caught two passes on the night, but Bryant turned one of them into highlight reel material.

After catching a slant over the middle, Bryant juked and bullied his way towards the goal line before a convoy of Cowboys shoved him across.

This was the effort we needed to see after Dallas' dismantling in Denver. It didn't start pretty. In fact, it was probably one of the worst starts the Cowboys could have hoped for. But as the adage goes, it's not about how you start, it's how you finish.

Or in this case, it's about correcting past mistakes to break an endless time loop.

Against the Broncos, Dallas had the opportunity to use the weather delay as a proverbial reset button. We all know how that went.

This week after Dawson's missed field goal, the Cowboys didn't make the same mistake twice. Dallas took full advantage of the opportunity to turn the game around, and did just that.

They could only take listening to Sonny and Cher so many times.

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