FRISCO -- Frisco is one of the most booming places in North Texas.

But no matter how hard they looked, Ryan Holloway and his wife, Cara, could only see desert. A college baseball desert.

“There’s just not a ton of college baseball out here so why not bring it to the Dr Pepper Ballpark?” Cara asked.

“So we really wanted to fill that void and bring a top notch tournament to the area,” Ryan said.

After five years of planning, Cara and Ryan convinced four of the best teams in America to come for the weekend for the inaugural Frisco College Baseball Classic. The invite was partly to get rid of that college baseball desert, but mostly for their niece, Avery Gray.

Avery Gray

Avery was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis soon after she was born. Most of her early life was spent in the hospital fighting the life-threatening disorder.

She’s nine now, and healthy. Her family couldn’t be more thankful.

“The CF foundation has been an integral part of our lives since she was born,” Cara said.

To show their appreciation, Cara and Ryan wanted to pay it forward and help families just like theirs through baseball.

“Thousands of people are going to be out here so why not talk about cystic fibrosis and talk about ways to donate to the cause and donate for a cure?” Cara said.

That’s how a baseball desert becomes a life-giving oasis.

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