Frisco -- The Cowboys were just plain awful when forced to play without their best players last season. But this season, it's been a complete turnaround.

As Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett would put it, somehow, someway they've won, even with receiver Dez Bryant, quarterback Tony Romo, and other impact players on the sideline.

"It just shows that this team was built to win and how this team was built, and it was build injury-proof," said Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick. "And it's been great."

Could it get even better now?

Bryant will return for Sunday night's showdown with the Eagles, as will Scandrick. Two of the team's most talented players fully healed because the Cowboys current 5-game win streak meant no rush to their recoveries.

"It's been a long road. I'm looking forward to this weekend," said Scandrick. "I'm just happy I'm back out there."

The re-infusion of talent after the bye week should mean good things for this Cowboys team, but the guys in that locker room say they don't want to forget what happened when some of their star players were forced to miss time.

"I think coach has done a great job this year," said offensive lineman Zack Martin of Garrett. "When your number's called to step up, guys have really done that more than any other year that I've been here. Guys are ready to go when their numbers called, so I think we're going to keep that going."

Running back Lance Dunbar could play Sunday, too. He brings potentially explosive play-making ability and could lighten the workload on rookie running back Zeke Elliott. The former UNT star says he wants a piece of the action.

"It's all about us just wanting to get back out there with these guys," said Dunbar. "They've been doing a hell of a job playing together and playing as a team and winning. And we've been sitting on the sideline watching and we just want to be a part of that; part of something special."

To keep it that way, some of the Cowboys best will have to keep up the pace, set by their replacements.