BURLESON, Texas -- When severe thunderstorms rolled through North Texas early Independence Day morning, everyone on Boxwood Lane heard the thunder and saw the flashes of lightning.

But no one thought a young couple still in the hospital after delivering their first child would lose everything.

Cameron and Morgan Haddock, who moved into the neighborhood just a short time ago, had their home destroyed when a direct lightning strike produced a quick-moving fire.

“It’s gone, completely gone," said Natsha Melton, who lives directly across the street. “It's very tough, very sad. We’re all trying to get together to help ‘em out.”

Neighbors and friends joined forces to raise money for the young couple, starting a GoFundMe page that is getting a lot of online traction.

But perhaps what's needed most are baby supplies and clothes.

They gave birth to a baby boy, Carter, over the weekend.

"Born July the 1st. They were supposed to come home today,” Kathy Dees said on Tuesday, as she stood outside the charred home.

Dees is Morgan's grandmother. She got one of the first phone calls early Wednesday morning when word spread about the fire.

"They were at the hospital, and she called saying, 'My house is on fire.' I rushed over here," said Dees.

Somehow, an engagement album celebrating the couple's love was found relatively in tact. But two of their favorite cats died.

"It's very hard. They worked so hard for this place. They did it all on their own. They’re just a young couple that did it all right,” said Dees.

Baylor Medical Center in Fort Worth is allowing the family to stay a few extra days, until they can move to grandma's house temporarily.

Neighbors like Wendy Bruke, who lives some 20 feet from where the fire erupted, hope the Haddocks decide to rebuild.

"We're collecting supplies for them." she said. "It’s a young family just starting out with a brand new house, and then tragedy, too, at the same time.”

Burke said at least two other homes nearby were also struck by lightning and that efforts were underway to help those folks as well.