We've been announcing WFAA's Project Green Eco-Educator winners! These are teachers in the community who lead, create, and execute projects that educate students on green initiatives and improve the quality of the environment.

WFAA's Colleen Coyle surprised our 9th-12th grade winner. Congratulations Richard Montejo of the Harmony School of Innovation in Garland! He's a technology teacher at the school. His class is working on a blind closing mechanism that senses light. The blinds open and close according to the level of light coming in. This would help save energy by reducing electric bills. His students will take this project to an international competition later this month. Montejo says he's blessed with dedicated students who work hard on innovative projects.

"Have a goal - an end goal in mind to achieve something at the end. And hopefully slowly, slowly you get something a little more advanced and hopefully one day they will be able to work a bigger, grander project and it's just going to come naturally to them," Montejo said.

Montejo's class is already exploring their next project - a prosthetic hand using a 3-D printer. As one of this year’s Eco-Educators, Mr. Montejo received $1,000 donated by WFAA Project Green and KHovnanian Homes to keep his project going. Congratulations!