ID=74030958TARRANT COUNTY — A forensics team with the Tarrant County District Attorney's Office is investigating a video burning up Twitter, purportedly showing "affluenza" teen Ethan Couch at a party where people were playing beer pong.

Couch received 10 years of probation after driving drunk and killing four people. He was 16 years old at the time, with Judge Jean Boyd drawing scorn for sentencing him to treatment and probation, but no time locked up in a juvenile justice center.

He became a household name because of his "affluenza" defense, claiming he was raised as a rich kid who never knew consequences.

The issue is whether or not it would be a violation of his conditions of probation, which includes not drinking alcohol. The DA would like to hear from other witnesses at the party before deciding.



In the video, you can see beer cans stacked up as a guy with a with a ping pong ball leaps onto a table lined with cups. A young man shown laughing at the antics looks a lot like Couch, who is now 18.

The video was tweeted by a person with the handle BlondeSpectre. Her name is Hannah Hardee. The 21-year-old told us she wasn't at the party and didn't shoot the video.

"No, I did not," she said. "I found it on Twitter, and saved it and reposted it," she said.

Hardee says the video is from October 4, and that the video was removed from Twitter after she saved it.

An acquaintance who says she was at the party told Hardee it is Ethan Couch on the video.

But why repost it now?

"It was just making me mad that they were not taking any of this seriously," Hardee said. "And after seeing the interviews with the victims' families and stuff, it just really gets to me."

The Tarrant County District Attorney's Office is taking it seriously. Juvenile court prosecutor Riley Shaw says the office is investigating, and wants to hear from anyone with knowledge of the video.

Shaw has filed a motion to transfer Couch from juvenile to adult court by his 19th birthday in April. There's been no hearing yet on that motion.

"It just doesn't seem like there was a consequence," Hardee said. "And the consequences that were being forced upon him, he doesn't seem to be listening to them or obeying them."

Hannah Hardee says she posted the video because she is concerned about drunk driving. She said it might have been impulsive, but she hopes some good comes from it.

"I've had a few people call me a snitch, but that doesn't bother me," she said. She added most of the feedback has been positive.

We were not able to reach Ethan Couch's attorney or the person who originally posted the video.

Legal experts say even if it is Couch in the scene, that is not necessarily hard evidence of a violation of his probation.